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Wheel & Rim Repairs

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Fix Rims and Restore Your Wheels From Damage

We offer a wide range of rim repair services for and surrounding area that includes refinishing, straightening and crack welding. If you notice your wheels are:

  • Scraped, or discolored

  • Showing blemishes

  • Bent out of shape

  • Beginning to crack, flake or peel

Excellent Price Rim Repair For Wheels

Our local mechanics have seen their fair share of both bent wheel repair and curb rash repair on many vehicle types. And We've also had the opportunity to refinish many rims and wheels for our customers. Looking for an inexpensive solution for wheel repair and refinishing, contact our garage today. Need a wheel repair for your vehicle, stop by one of our mechanic service locations or give us a call for a quote!

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Types of Rim Repair & Service

When it comes to repairing your wheels, there are a variety services we perform that enhance the overall look and drive with your car, truck or SUV rims.

Our wheel and rim repair service includes:

  • Wheel refinishing - remove scrapes, gouges, or discoloration

  • Powder coating process - durable finish with diverse color range

  • Bent rim straightening - rim straightening service to undo the damage

  • Crack welding - crack welding service and metal filler to restore cracked wheels

Over time your rims age due to wear, tear and changing seasons. If you think your rims need a repair or would just like to restore them back to new, call us to inquire about our rim repair service.

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Signs Your Rims Need Repair

Rim wear and tear is a common on most wheels. Rely on our team for rim repair, refinishing and restoration. We think everyone will agree, it's the wheels that make a car. Our team will make your rims look like new!

If your rims have any of these problems get in touch for repair, we can help!

  • Bent rims

  • Scratched rims

  • Cracked rims

  • Curb scratches (curb rash)

All of our rim repair services are performed by professionals with decades of wheel repair experience, our team can help get your wheels restored and looking like new.


Wheel Repair & Refinishing

Wheel repair and refinishing involve the restoration of damaged wheels to their original condition or to an improved state. Damaged wheels can be caused by various factors, such as curb rash, corrosion, and impacts from road debris.

The repair process starts with an assessment of the damage to determine the extent of the repair needed. In cases where the damage is minor, such as small scratches or scuffs, a simple cosmetic repair may be sufficient. For more severe damage, the wheel may need to be straightened or welded to restore its structural integrity.

After the repair, the wheel is sanded, primed, and painted to match the original finish. Powder coating, which involves the application of a dry powder to the wheel's surface, can also be used to achieve a durable and long-lasting finish.

Wheel refinishing also involves the removal of the existing finish and the application of a new one. This process is often done for aesthetic reasons, such as changing the color or style of the wheel.

In both cases, it is important to work with a reputable and experienced wheel repair and refinishing specialist to ensure that the work is done correctly and to a high standard. Improper repair or refinishing can compromise the safety and performance of the wheel, which can result in a dangerous driving situation.

Overall, wheel repair and refinishing can be a cost-effective and efficient way to extend the life of your wheels and maintain the appearance of your vehicle.


Bent Wheel Repair

Wheel repair is common for many drivers. Our wheel repair process depends on 2 piece vs 1 piece wheel design.

The difference between 2 piece vs 1 piece wheel repair is substantial. Getting your wheel repaired by a 2 piece wheel repair specialist can be more than twice as expensive than repairing it with an aluminum 1 piece wheel.

We are one of the few shops in the world who can offer true 1 piece wheel repair. We use our patented process to create aluminum inserts so we no longer have to weld alloy centers on which means we can offer our services at an extremely affordable price.


What To Do If Your Wheel Is Bent?

If your wheel becomes bent it can usually be repaired by straightening it back out. Basically all that needs to be done is pressure applied evenly around the bend until the wheel pops back into alignment.


Complete Wheel Repair & Service

Our wheel repair removes curb rash repair, bent rims and includes wheel service for everything from wheel balancing, tire rotation, front & rear wheel alignment and wheel damage repair.

Our rim repair services also restores your wheels from rubbing against curbs, scratch marks and bent rims. Tell us the problem with your wheel and rim size to get a quote.

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