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Dodge Service Excellence: Powering Your Performance Needs

Our Dodge repair shop provides service for all models. From the Durango to the Viper, we have gone through them all. We are available for your Dodge service six days a week and our team is here to give your vehicle the best care possible. When thinking about a garage to take your Dodge, visit us first. We provide the best team and we give your Dodge repairs at an affordable price. Visit our garage today and talk to the mechanic about your needs. Our technicians are ready to service your vehicle! We love working on Dodge because they have a great engine and plenty of horsepower. So if you need a Dodge service, don't hesitate to call us today.

Expert Dodge Repair Near Me

Dodge dates way back to the early days of auto manufacturing. As a Dodge owner, whether you drive a Caravan, Journey, Challenger, or Avenger, when you're looking for a Dodge service near me you want the highest quality service and repair for your model at the best price available. Ask about our Dodge service or request a quick quote online.

Your Neighborhood Dodge Mechanics

As one of the best local mechanics for Dodge service and repair, we offer preventative maintenance solutions and diagnostics for any model Dodge you own. You can feel confident relying on our garage for all your Dodge repair requirements.

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Exceptional Service & Repair For Your Dodge

Dodge battery replacement. Inspecting your battery is part of diagnosing a trouble starting issue. It may be the alternator or starter causing the no start. If the battery needs replacing, changing the battery for Dodge owners is a fast and simple service at our garage.

Dodge brake repair is a common service at regular intervals. A full inspection of your braking system along with brake caliper and rotor resurfacing are standard on a brake pad replacement for Dodge models. Our brake repair is done with precision and attention to detail. Brake problems should be checked immediately.

Dodge tire rotation, tire repair and new tires for Dodge cars, truck, minivan and SUV. While your vehicle is in for tire service we will make the most out of your visit by checking multiple components such as muffler. brakes and suspension as part of our tire service for Dodge drivers. You'll leave with great service knowing the current condition of your vehicle all around.

Dodge coolant flush. We have 2 options for replacing the antifreeze. A drain and fill which empties and refills the coolant or a full coolant flush for your Dodge with a cleaning solution to eliminate all old antifreeze in the system before adding fresh coolant.

Dodge transmission flush. In order to deter an expensive transmission repair for Dodge owners, our transmission flush provides the maintenance needed to extend transmission life for any model you drive.

Dodge oil and filter change. Ask our garage about a conventional or synthetic oil change for your Dodge vehicle. Synthetic oil will be required on certain engine types and original equipment oil filters are used on request.

Dodge muffler replacement for car, truck, minivan and SUV models come at around 100,000 km. To save on muffler repair for Dodge drivers we can potentially fix problem mufflers. A weld and repair may be an alternative to a complete muffler replacement.

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Dodge AC recharge. When you bring your vehicle in, before recharging the air conditioning on your Dodge we check the AC for potential leaks. With a proper inspection of the AC system, you can be sure all refrigerant stays within the cooling system of your Dodge car, truck or SUV

Dodge ball joint replacement and suspension repair. Replacing the shocks and struts on a Dodge can be an expensive repair. Inspecting your suspension problem will pinpoint any replacement parts required before we perform service.

Dodge tune up service. Any time you feel your automobile is not performing at 100%, several parts under the hood and beneath your vehicle are involved in a tune up for Dodge vehicles. Spark plugs and wires should be replaced at different service intervals and filters for air and fuel can get clogged resulting in sluggish performance. Ask us about our winter and summer tune up for Dodge models.

Seasonal tire change for Dodge. Some drivers prefer to keep a set of all weather tires for their Dodge all year while others prefer a second set of winter tires. As a seasonal tire change is a great option to get through winter, it's not for everyone. If you prefer to change tires for the season, ask about our winter and summer tire change over for your Dodge model.

Dodge all season tires are better suited for 3 season driving. Ask about our selection of all season tires for your Dodge model car, truck, minivan or SUV.

Dodge winter tires are the best option for better handling and traction during winter. We have a wide choice of winter tires for any Dodge model you own.

Dodge performance tires are great for summer driving. Talk to us about a great selection of performance tires for Dodge.

Dodge wheel balancing is standard service with all tire and wheel installation on Dodge models!



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