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How To Know If You Need a Power Steering Repair?

Power steering repair can vary between the power steering pump or power steering hose failures.

Part of our diagnosis is an inspection of the high pressure return hoses to the reservoir for splits and cracks.

We will also inspect the power steering pump and pulley for any sign of cracking or abnormal noise to diagnose a power steering problem. 

If you detect any leaks or noises it is time to take care of that right away, as the pump will eventually fail.

The power steering system on certain models can be very problematic.

It's not unusual for one component to wear. The time to repair a power steering problem is when it first starts to show itself.

Waiting for a power steering pump or rack and pinion failure can be troublesome in certain situations because the drivability of your car may be compromised. 

Power steering system components are not cheap so diagnosis is crucial prior to purchasing parts.

Power Steering Repair Shop

Your power steering repair has several moving parts.

If you've ever driven a car without power steering, you know how much it helps you control your vehicle, particularly at low speeds and when parking.

The hydraulic mechanism in your car's power steering amplifies the minimal effort you put into turning the steering wheel.

This means a relatively light turn of the steering wheel will easily turn the wheels.

The power steering system may require maintenance from time to time, to avoid costly repair particularly if it has been neglected for some time.

It's beneficial to properly care for your power steering by checking fluid levels and flushing the system every 100,000 km.

Power Steering Pump Replacement

For many older model vehicles a common repair is a cars power steering pump replacement.

Your engine powers the steering pump which is connected to the crankshaft by your power steering belt.

Over time this belt will wear, crack and eventually break if not replaced and your power steering pump will no longer work.

Inspecting the belt for signs of wear and determining if it needs to be replaced is part of a car's routine maintenance.

Another common problem is a power steering pump wearing out.

If the pump begins to fail it will be less efficient at pressurizing the fluid reducing the effectiveness of the power in your steering.

If your power steering pump makes noise when turning the steering wheel it may be your power steering pump or belt needs replacement.

Rack & Pinion Steering Repair

Power steering rack and pinion repair is a common problem with older model vehicles.

In essence it is the main component of your power steering system.

If the power steering rack breaks or fails, it could be a dangerous as you might loose all ability to control, steer and effectively handle your vehicle.

A few clues that your power steering rack may be on the verge of failure is a stiffness in the steering or a power steering fluid leak on the rack itself.

Your power steering system is under a great deal of pressure. As with any hydraulic system, your power steering pump is highly pressurized to operate at peak performance.

So, is it the rack and pinion thats needs repair or a power steering pump replacement? Lets see the signs of a power steering repair.

Best Price For Car Truck & SUV Power Steering Repair

A little different than repairng a leak in the steering system is a complete power steering pump replacement. For most vehicles a power steering replacement can become expensive. However, you do have options. 

If you'd like great value with plenty of options for a repair or replacement steering pump, contact our local mechanics for a free estimate first!

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