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How to Tell My Battery Needs Replacement

Although there are a number of parts that help start your vehicle such as the alternator and engine starter, if your vehicle won't start, chances are your car battery needs replacement over any other component.

Recharging may be possible depending on whether you've left the vehicle sitting for some time or forgot to turn the lights off (older model vehicles of course). 

If you park your car for days or weeks at a time, disconnecting the battery is common practice. The engine in your vehicle should turn over with ease but will show difficulties if the battery is under-performing. 

Your headlights may be dim or barely working while you hear clicking noises coming from the starter motor when trying to start your car.

With so many components under the hood to fire up the engine, find out if a car battery replacement will get you going.

Car Truck & SUV Battery Replacement

Doing your usual daily routine and get into your car only to hear the battery having a hard time turning over the engine might mean a car battery replacement.

How can you tell if it's your car battery or your alternator?

Usually, there are a few warning signs that indicate your car battery needs to be replaced.

Last minute battery failure is a pain, especially when you’ve got things to do and need your car.

To avoid this, your vehicle will usually let you know ahead of time that a battery replacement is near.

When Should a Car Battery Be Replaced?

Car battery replacement is part of our charging system repair services.

Like most vehicle parts, your car battery has a life span. When it begins to lose charge, you may find your engine turning over slowly, a repeated ticking sound when you turn the key or nothing at all.

Your car battery doesn’t just start your car, it regulates your vehicles computer and entire electrical system.

Battery Change Intervals

The suggested frequency to replace your car battery is 3 - 5 years.

Just as you routinely change your oil, service your brakes and rotate your tires, car battery replacement is a routine maintenance for your vehicle.

If your battery has drained its charge, it is possible to recharge a healthy battery.

Schedule a Battery Inspection For You Vehicle

Whether you need to replace or recharge a depleted battery can be determined by inspecting your charging system.

If you experience any of the following symptoms with your battery, schedule a visit to inspect whether your car battery needs a replacement or it can be recharged.

• Longer than normal start time

• Leaking/corrosion on battery posts

• Check engine light comes on

• Low battery fluid

• Swollen battery case

Replacing your car battery in time will save other components from failing.

This in turn will save you in various charging system repair costs.

The Best Price For Car Truck & SUV Battery Replacement

Feel free to give us a call or request an online quote for your car, truck or SUV battery replacement. We will provide you with the best price possible for a replacement battery and promise to complete the job swiftly and efficiently.

Another factor to consider when looking for competitively priced battery replacement is the warranty offered by the repair shop. We stand behind our work with a vehicle battery replacement warranty to give you peace of mind.

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