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Having your brake repair is an important thing to keep in mind for safety. When you are looking for brake service, it's important to find a mechanic that offers quality work at an affordable price.

Our brake repair shop offers competitive rates, high safety standards, and fast repair times so you can get back on the road quickly and safely.

See our full brake repairs in below or click a link for your specific service.

Brake Service Specialists

How can you tell if you need a brake repair versus a simple brake pad replacement, brake discs resurfaced or a brake caliper repair?

What's involved in a brake job for my vehicle and how much does a brake repair cost? Great questions.

Let's outline a few common brake repair symptoms to determont the extent of repair.

Your Vehicle & Your Brakes

If you've owned your vehicle for some time, you become accustomed to how your brakes sound and feel.

You also intuitively know the standard braking power and distance when you need to come to a stop. With this familiarity, you can generally tell when it's time for a brake repair.

A few giveaways is your brake pedal feels low or hard. You hear loud brake screeches or faint squeals coming from the brakes, or a grinding sound is felt and heard inside and outside the vehicle - and your vehicle takes more distance than normal to come to a stop.

Pads, rotors and caliper service is part of every brake repair. While a brake fluid change is a maintenance measure to ensure proper hydraulic flow and pressure. If brake lines are ever removed, bleeding the brakes of air is a must.

When you come in for any brake service, our team performs a complete inspection of your entire braking system. Then we pass our findings on to you.

We repair what's needed and urgent and work out an affordable price to fit your budget for all your brake repair.

Our Brake Shop Repair Services

Some of the most common brake service & repair we perform at our garage include:


If your brake light has comes on, you notice low brake fluid or a leak or the brake pedal just doesn't feel right, request a quote from us online.

Diagnosing Your Brakes

Different brake problems require different brake repair.

A simple brake pad replacement and machining the rotors may be all that's required. On the other hand, a brake leak and low brake pedal will require a diagnosis to pinpoint the problem.

New brake rotors are only required if they are warped, damaged or too thin for machining. 

An important note when it comes to a brake repair is to service both sides simultaneously to ensure even braking power on both sides of your vehicle.

Our brake inspection checks all components inside the vehicle such as your dashboard brake / ABS light, external brake lights, brake booster under the hood, brake lines beneath the vehicle. and internal brake fluid condition and hydraulic pressure passing through brake lines.

Best Priced Full Service Brake Repair On All Makes & Models

By choosing us, you can be assured that the repairs will be executed with precision and meet the highest standards of quality. It is always essential to consider that the quality of the brake parts used and repair work is just as crucial as the price. 

We provide reasonable pricing to ensure that you receive a fair deal. So, don't hesitate to choose our brake repair shop, as we are committed to delivering exceptional value and top-notch brake repairs.

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