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Having your brake repair is an important thing to keep in mind for safety. When you are looking for brake repair and service, it's important to find a mechanic that offers quality work at an affordable price. Our brake repair shop in offers competitive rates, safety standards, and fast repair times so you can get back on the road quickly and safely.

We provide customers with full service brake repair including:

  • Brake Pad Replacement

  • Brake Shoe Replacement

  • Brake Rotor Resurfacing

  • Brake Drum Resurfacing

  • Brake Caliper Service

  • Brake Line / Leak Repair

  • Brake Fluid Flush

  • Master Cylinder Repair

  • Wheel Cylinder Replacement

  • Brake Booster Replacement

Common Brake Repair Symptoms

The common symptoms of brakes that need to be repaired are squealing, grinding, or pulsating. A few ways to detect whether you need a brake repair are any unusual brake sounds, a visible brake fluid leak, and the feel of your brake pedal.

If your brake shoes or brake pads are wearing thin you will begin to hear a slight squeal as you drive. This may be accompanied by a low brake pedal. If you see any fluid on the outside of your car or discoloration of your brake fluid, this could indicate a brake fluid leak or a brake fluid flush. If you’re hearing or feeling a grinding sound when you drive or apply the brakes, the problem is likely the front rotors or rear brake drums.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or you know it’s time for a routine brake service feel free to give our brake repair shop a call so we can schedule an appointment and inspect your braking system.

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pads are used to brake or stop, the rotation of wheels. They are usually made of high-quality compounds that generate heat when pressed against the metal on their surface. Brake pads are typically monitored by brake fluid which is pushed through them via the brake line. It creates a vacuum-like action between the pad and the drum, which slows down or stops the drum's movement.

When Should Brakes Pads Be Changed?

A definite answer to when you should replace brake pads depends on vehicle type and driving style. If most driving is within or city you’ll be using your brakes more often than a long highway traffic free drive.

Some drivers also use both feet when driving and while have their foot lightly on the brake as they drive. As little friction as this is, it wears the brake pads quicker.

Brake pads and shoes are generally thought to be good between 30,000 - 35,000 km during city driving and may last as long as 50,000 - 80,000 km in rural and highway driving.

With that said, there are symptoms that indicate your vehicle needs a brake pad replacement.

Brake Rotor Repair & Resurfacing

A brake disc repair means machining or resurfacing your front or rear brake rotors. The main components of a disc brake repair are the brake pads and rotors. The rotor works as a cushion while the brake pad press against the metal brake discs. If the rotors become uneven but still have enough thickness, we can resurface the brake rotors rather than replace them.

Before resurfacing your brake rotors, we will measure the thickness to ensure they have enough metal surface to machine. We measure rotor thickness according to manufacturer specifications. 

If your rotors fall below these specs a brake rotor replacement will be required. Either way, we will inform you before any repair is performed on your vehicle.

Should You Resurface or Replace Brake Rotors?

The question to replace, resurface or machine brake rotors is common. We do our job to ensure a cost effective and safe solution for your brake disc repair.

Generally, on newer vehicles it is not necessary to replace rotors with every brake repair. Most rotors can be resurfaced or machined a few times but not beyond the point of the required thickness according to the manufacturer.

Although machining rotors with every brake pad replacement is not necessary, they should be resurfaced for better braking and remove surface groves and rust.

Beyond the required thickness, a brake rotor replacement will be necessary. We follow the recommendations of each manufacturer when replacing or resurfacing rotors.

Brake Caliper Repair

A brake caliper repair is when you replace, service, or repair the brake calipers on your car. Your brake calipers are responsible for distributing pressure to your brake pads and slowing down or stop your vehicle. Generally, brake caliper repairs only require an inspection and service rather than a replacement. Brake calipers usually last throughout several brake pad replacements.

A common brake caliper repair is a seized or sticky caliper. This will apply constant pressure against your rotors as you drive wearing both your brake discs and pads.

Is brake caliper service included with a brake repair?

Yes, this is typically part of the overall brake replacement or repair. You may just need to replace the brake pads. However, servicing your calipers ensures that the brakes work properly and improves overall braking performance.

How often should brake calipers be replaced?

Brake calipers need to be replaced when they become defective or show excessive wear and tear.

You can tell that this is occurring when your car starts dragging while you take it out of park, or pulls to one side.

Brake Caliper Rebuild or Replacement?

If you know for certain the brake calipers are seized, there are 2 options: 

  • Rebuild the caliper - this means replacing the internal parts of a brake caliper (caliper pistons pins and sliders) for proper function while the outer casting remains the same. Or you can:

  • Replace the caliper - Replacing the brake caliper means out with the old and in with the new. The more cost effective option for a caliper repair is a rebuild and if there is no damage to the caliper casting - rebuild it.

On a final note about brake caliper repair: Since we're talking about the braking power for your vehicle, it's always a good idea to repair, rebuild or replace both calipers (left and right side of the vehicle) for equal brake pressure.

If only one caliper is replaced, you run the chance of uneven brake wear and a vehicle that pulls to one side when braking - of course the repaired or replaced caliper will out perform the old and may be noticeable.

Brake Line Repair and Fluid Leaks

If you notice any leaks of brake fluid, this can hinder your stopping ability. Our brake fluid leak repair is usually pretty straightforward. Our mechanic will first inspect your complete braking system and check for leaks. Repairing a brake line leak is typically the replacement of the brake lines, master cylinder, wheel cylinders, or brake booster to ensure your brake fluid is airtight and distributed equally to all four wheels, restoring full braking power.

Checking For a Brake Fluid Leak

Is your brake pedal soft or sink to the floor?

Did you notice a fluid leaking on the driveway?

So how can you check if your car, truck or SUV is leaking brake fluid?

When your vehicle leaks brake fluid, it typically leaves oil that can range from a clear to light golden to a dark brown. 

If you suspect your brakes are leaking, here's a few checks you can perform:

  • Check your brake fluid reservoir - When checking the brake fluid reservoir, have a look at the minimum and maximum fluid level. The fluid should be golden brown at its darkest. Debris or dark brake fluid should be changed. If it needs topping up, make sure not to overfill the brake fluid.

  • Check underneath the vehicle for a brake leak - Another simple diagnosis of leaking brake fluid is checking the ground for oil spots beneath the vehicle. If you notice oil spots different to red transmission oil or dark engine oil, it may be a brake fluid leak.

  • Check your master cylinder - The master cylinder is a robust part of the brakes but can need replacing after a few years. In some cases there will be a visible leak from the master cylinder under the hood where the brake fluid reservoir is positioned. Other times, a master cylinder will leak internally. If the pedal sinks to the floor and your brake pads have enough material, it could be  a brake leak somewhere in the master cylinder, brake lines, wheel cylinder or calipers.

  • Check your calipers or rear drums - If it's possible to get a visual between your wheel spokes and see the caliper, notice any visible fluid on or around the brake caliper and inner wheel. The spot where your wheels are parked is also a good place to look for leaking brake fluid. If the vehicle is equipped with drum brakes you might have a leak in the wheel cylinders. This one is tough to spot without removing the wheel. 

If a quick inspection determines low brake fluid or leak, the next step is to determine where your brakes are leaking and the right fix.

Brake Fluid Flush

Our brake fluid flush service replaces your brake fluid with new fluid to remove any debris, contaminants, or unwanted chemical deposits. Your vehicle's brake fluid is designed to resist evaporation and provide the hydraulic pressure your brakes need to function properly. A brake fluid flush is often done when installing new brake pads or when you replace your brake lines.

Brake Fluid Change vs Brake Flush

Essentially A brake fluid change and brake fluid flush is no real difference. When we change the brake fluid it is required to bleed the braking system to remove all air inside the lines, hoses and components. Prior to bleeding the brakes the old fluid is sucked out of the reservoir while perhaps 20% or so remains in the brake lines. To bleed the system means pumping the brake pedal to build up air and pressure in the lines and loosen the bleeder to release. This eliminates air and the remaining old fluid in the system. While bleeding the brakes, old fluid is automatically flushed out during the bleeding process. As old fluid is removed and new fluid is added, bleeding the brakes takes away the remaining old fluid in the brake lines.

Our full brake fluid flush effectively sucks, bleeds and pumps out all old fluid from the braking system. Once flushed and new fluid is added, the result in an efficient and smooth braking function back to spec.

Keeping your brake oil in fresh condition whether you call it a brake fluid change or brake fluid flush will ensure your brake system delivers optimal braking power and helps avoid costly brake repairs down the road.

Brake Shoe Repair and Replacement

A brake shoe replacement is when you replace your brake shoes (typically at the rear wheels of older model vehicles) that have been worn thin from use. Luckily, brake shoe replacements often only require that you remove your old shoes and then install new ones in their place. It's a no-frills job that our mechanics can do in a short amount of time!

Brake Drum Repair & Resurfacing

When brake drums wear down, they tend to crack and create uneven wear on the inner drum. If this happens, your brake pedal may pulsate. Stop by our brake repair shop to inspect whether you need can have your brake drums machined or replaced.

Before a brake drum repair or replacement, our mechanic will inspect it for cracks, grooves, and any other problems that indicate a bad brake drum. In some cases, a brake drum can be machined. In the event of badly worn drums, a replacement may be necessary. While we have your rear brakes apart, we will also inspect your wheel cylinders as well as your wheel seals to make sure everything is working optimally before we change your brake drum.

How Much Does Our Brake Repair Cost?

We'd love to be able to give you a one price fits all cost for brake repair. However, given the many components of a brake repair or service, the cost varies. Generally, the cost of brake repair is our hourly labor rate plus the cost of the components that need to be replaced or repaired. A standard brake repair at our shop charges $25.00 for a brake inspection and repairs starting at $175 for a brake service.

Our Brake Repair & Service Process

When you bring your vehicle to our brake repair shop, we will be able to diagnose the problem with your vehicle's braking system quickly. Once that is complete, we will advise you of what needs to be replaced and the cost of your brake repair. Upon your approval, one of our professional technicians can get started with your brake repair. We are committed to getting you back on the road safely as soon as possible.

Regular maintenance of your vehicle's brake system will ensure that your vehicle operates smoothly and safely. Maintaining the quality of your brakes will save on repair costs. We recommend our customers have a brake inspection every six months so we can provide recommendations and catch problems early before they escalate.

Schedule your brake service online and avoid time spent sitting in the garage waiting for a repair.

Best Priced Full Service Brake Repair On All Makes & Models

By choosing us, you can be assured that the repairs will be executed with precision and meet the highest standards of quality. It is always essential to consider that the quality of the brake parts used and repair work is just as crucial as the price. 

We provide reasonable pricing to ensure that you receive a fair deal. So, don't hesitate to choose our brake repair shop, as we are committed to delivering exceptional value and top-notch brake repairs.



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