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Transmission repair is a broad repair service that can be broken down into multiple categories and levels of complexity. To simplify our transmission repair process, we have broken it down into three main categories:

Clean - Inspect - Repair

Our transmission repair is the least invasive and saving customers money for an extensive transmission repair when it's not needed. 

The goal of our transmission repair is to thoroughly clean the dirty gears inside your transmission; inspecting them along the way to ensure they are sound.

In this type of repair, we do not open the transmission casing, only clean and inspect what is accessible from the outside.

If gears or clutches are severely damaged, our mechanics will recommend a more in depth inspection which will require us to remove one or two pan gaskets from your vehicle's transmission case.

This will give us an internal view of the gears to properly diagnose a problem. If your transmission is showing signs of repair, schedule service online for an inspection.

Transmission Repair Service

How can you tell if you need a transmission repair versus a transmission service? What's involved in transmission maintenance for your vehicle and how much does a transmission repair cost? To help answer these questions, we will outline a few common signs that suggest you need a transmission repair. Keep reading to determine whether you require a transmission service or repair.

Types of Transmission Repair

A vehicles transmission is a complex system with many internal parts that may eventually require repair the longer you drive your car, truck or SUV.

If you experience any problems, taking your vehicle for a transmission service is recommended.

The advancement in transmission performance has made repair jobs a sophisticated process. Generally speaking, unlike a routine transmission service, transmission repair may not be a simple job.

As most of your transmissions function is internal, determining the problem takes time and proper diagnosis of the entire system.

For a correct service solution, stop by our transmission repair shop to figure out and fix the problem. In some cases, a transmission problem can be as simple replacing the transmission fluid or just needs topping up.

Common transmission problems we see include:

  • Transmission gear replacement

  • Transmission solenoid

  • Transmission rebuild

  • Transmission oil leak

  • Transmission oil pan gasket

  • Transmission seal replacement

What's Involved in Transmission Service

Our transmission service varies on your vehicle maintenance schedule. Just like changing engine oil, you want to maintain your transmission for better performance and internal components.

Here are a few of the different types of transmission service we offer for customers. The most common transmission service we perform include:

  • Automatic transmission fluid exchange service: This is just another term for a full transmission fluid flush. Completely removing and replacing all old transmission fluid with new clean transmission oil.

  • Automatic transmission drain and fill service: Unlike a transmission fluid flush, this is similar to an oil change for your engine. Draining and replacing transmission oil. With a transmission oil change, there will still be small traces of old fluid mixed with the new. A more cost effective option to a fluid flush but gets the job done.

  • Automatic transmission filter change service: Like the job of any filter, it helps remove dirt and contaminants from flowing throughout the automatic transmission fluid.

The main purpose of a transmission service is to keep the internal gears and parts well lubricated with fresh clean oil to help reduce friction and heat and deter an expensive transmission repair or rebuild in the future.

Transmission Acting Up? Get The Best Priced Repair Today

Keeping up to date with a regular transmission flush or a standard transmission oil change will prevent a costly transmission repair. Todays vehicle transmission are durable and with timely and proper maintenance, you can save alot of hard earned money for a transmission repair. 

The key word for your vehicles transmission is service. Regular interval of transmission service will take care in the long run. If you're experiencing a transmission issue, give us a call to discuss the problem or stop by to inspect the transmission.

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