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Transmission Fluid Flush & Service

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Full Service Transmission Flush & Transmission Oil Change

Transmission fluid change and transmission flush are two different services that involve replacing the transmission fluid in your vehicle. Both services can help maintain your vehicle's transmission and prevent potential issues down the road.

A transmission fluid change involves draining the old fluid from the transmission pan and replacing it with new fluid. This process typically replaces about 50% to 60% of the fluid in the transmission. It's a relatively quick and straightforward process that can be performed at regular intervals to help ensure the transmission is running smoothly.

A transmission flush is a more thorough process that replaces all of the fluid in the transmission. During a transmission flush, a machine is used to pump new fluid into the transmission while simultaneously draining the old fluid. This process is more involved and takes longer than a fluid change, but it can be beneficial for older vehicles with built-up deposits in the transmission.

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The benefits of a transmission fluid change include:

  • Maintaining proper lubrication: Fresh transmission fluid helps ensure that the gears and other moving parts in the transmission are properly lubricated, which can prevent damage and wear.

  • Improving shifting performance: Over time, transmission fluid can become contaminated and lose its ability to lubricate and protect the transmission. A fluid change can improve the shifting performance of the transmission.

  • Preventing overheating: Dirty or degraded transmission fluid can cause the transmission to overheat, which can lead to damage and potentially costly repairs. Regular fluid changes can help prevent overheating.

Your vehicle's owner's manual or our trusted transmission shop will provide guidance on the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle's transmission.

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The benefits of a transmission flush include:

  • Removing contaminants: A flush can help remove built-up contaminants in the transmission, such as metal shavings or other debris, that can cause damage to the transmission.

  • Extending the life of the transmission: By removing contaminants and replacing all of the fluid, a flush can help extend the life of the transmission.

  • Improving performance: A flush can improve the shifting performance of the transmission, which can result in a smoother driving experience.

In general, a transmission fluid change is a more routine maintenance item that should be performed at regular intervals, while a flush is a more in-depth service that may be recommended for older vehicles or those with transmission issues.


Is Transmission Service The Same As A Transmission Flush?

Our transmission service varies on your vehicle maintenance schedule. Just like changing engine oil, you want to maintain your transmission for better performance and internal components. Here are a few of the different types of transmission service we offer for customers. The most common transmission service we perform include:

  • Automatic transmission fluid exchange service: This is just another term for a full transmission fluid flush. Completely removing and replacing all old transmission fluid with new clean transmission oil.

  • Automatic transmission drain and fill service: Unlike a transmission fluid flush, this is similar to an oil change for your engine. Draining and replacing transmission oil. With a transmission oil change, there will still be small traces of old fluid mixed with the new. A more cost effective option to a fluid flush but gets the job done.

  • Automatic transmission filter change service: Like the job of any filter, it helps remove dirt and contaminants from flowing throughout the automatic transmission fluid.

The main purpose of a transmission service is to keep the internal gears and parts well lubricated with fresh clean oil to help reduce friction and heat and deter an expensive transmission repair or rebuild in the future.


Is a Transmission Fluid Change Necessary? 

Yes, a transmission flush or fluid change is necessary. Any oil running through your vehicle will require a change at certain intervals. The time for a transmission oil change frequency varies depending on vehicle type and use.. All engine fluids flowing throughout your engine are critical for the operation of your vehicle. Transmission fluid is no different and should be changed the longer you own your vehicle. Keeping track of your transmission fluid level and whether or not you should change the fluid or flush the transmission is no debate.


Transmission Acting Up? Get Your Transmission Flush Today

Keeping up to date with a regular transmission flush or a standard transmission oil change will prevent a costly transmission repair. Todays vehicle transmission are durable and with timely and proper maintenance, you can save a lot of hard earned money for a transmission repair.

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