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Seasonal tire changeover has become popular with car buffs. We've had many people asking questions about swapping tires for the season.

Tire changeover is not just about swapping out your tires for winter/summer tires, there are several other things to take into consideration too.

So why is a seasonal tire change popular? Let us say that in past, many people used to leave winter tires on their car year-round. Driving a set of winter tires all year long is not ideal for your vehicle or tires - really.

Here's the ins and outs of a seasonal tire change.

Winter tires are designed to work best in cold weather, whereas summer tires are designed for warmer temperatures. Driving your set of winter tires year-round will wear out your tires prematurely and cost a small fortune in replacing them.

Would you rather have a set of tires installed all year round without swapping your tires each spring and fall? Check out all season vs all weather vs winter tires.

Read on about summer and winter tire change or use the quick links to jump to a page section.

Winter & Summer Tire Change Service

Schedule your seasonal tire change and beat the rush. Whether it's spring and you'd like your summer tires changed or you're getting ready for the snow covered roads and need your winter tires installed, we'll switch your tires swiftly and get you back on the road quick.

When should you change to summer tires? When is it best to switch to winter tires? Do you really need to change tires over? And how much does a seasonal tire change cost anyway? All great questions from our customers. To help answer these, we'll outline the perfect time to switch your tires for winter or summer, the benefits of swapping your tires in each season and the cost for both a winter or summer tire change.

Summer Tire Change

When spring approaches, it's a breath of fresh air and just about time to change to summer tires. There are a couple of options when it comes time to changing your summer tires - on and off the rims. What's the best option for a summer tire change and which will save money over the long term? We suggest a set of rims for your summer tire change over and a separate set of rims for your winter tire change.

The cost of a summer tire swap is far less expensive when it means simply removing the winter set (winter tires on rims) and re-installing the summer set (summer tires on rims). Although the choice is yours, ultimately, with summer tires on rims you save on installation, balancing and the cost of removing tires and re-installing tires on each rim.

Considering you change over tires twice each year adds up over the seasons. The most cost effective solution to a summer tire change is having the summer tires already installed on a set of rims dedicated for summer driving.

Winter Tire Change

When it's time for a winter tire change, the benefits of having a set of rims dedicated for winter tires means a cost saving each time you switch back your winter tires as well as keeping your summer wheels (mags) in pristine condition away from the salt and slushy winter conditions.

The ideal time to change over to winter tires is usually around the 7 degree Celsius mark or below. You have two options for your winter tire change - on and off rims. Getting ready for the winter season and keeping you and your passengers safe with a winter tire change is a primary reason why swapping to winter tires makes sense for the season. Is your winter tire tread running low? Check out some of our winter tire change options.

Book Your Seasonal Tire Change Today

Every kilometer driven on winter tires means a kilometer saved on your summer tires. The benefits of a seasonal tire change is far beyond economical. Seasonal tire change is a quick vehicle maintenance that goes along way - both for your wallet and safety. 

As the seasons change, it's a busy time for switching tires and we're proud to deliver great customer service no matter the season. If the weather seems right to change your tires, schedule a visit and book you tire swap today!

Great Pricing For Car Truck & SUV Seasonal Tire Change 

Our team of local mechanics are ready for the busy tire change season. We can have your summer / winter tires changed in a hurry and at the best price in the city. 

Due to the busy nature of both the fall and spring season, it's always advised that you book an appointment with our seasonal tire change service so we can get you in and out in a flash. Use our online booking tool to schedule a winter / summer tire change today!

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