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Our tire repair and service is broad and wide.

We provide everything from a quick flat tire repair to a new set of tires for your vehicle.

Tire rotation, installation, summer and winter tire change to new winter tires, summer tires as well as all weather and all season tire replacement are available at our garage.

Whatever tire repair you find yourself in, we can fix a flat fast. 

The average tire cost for service or replacement varies by the type of repair, size and replacement tire required.

Schedule a tire service or tell us what you need and get a quote online.

Tire Services We Provide

Our tire repair and service include:

Part of any vehicle maintenance is tire service. Rotating, balancing and replacing tires is standard for every vehicle.

To avoid a premature tire replacement, tire rotation should be performed to even out wear. Our procedure for tire rotation helps from uneven wear on the left to right and rear to front tires. Rotating tires is a fairly straight forward service and we'll have you on your way in no time.

If you feel a vibration while driving down the road, you may require a tire balancing service. Sometimes when hitting a bump or pothole in the road, small weights attached to the wheel rim that help distribute unbalances in the tire may fall off.

If this happens and it is indeed a tire issue, our tire balance service is an inexpensive fix to spin your tires, check for unbalances and replace the weights to eliminate the vibration.

We'll have you out and about with a smooth ride in a jiffy.

Most Common Tire Repairs

Some of the more common tire repair we perform include:

As simple as a tire repair may be, its serious business and must follow safety protocol. The protocols our tire repair follow adhere to the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association or RMA. The RMA has standards in place to ensure tire safety with every repair, including:

Repairing a tire puncture. As long as the puncture is ¼ inch or smaller and the hole is located on the tread itself rather than the sidewall of the tire, the tire can be repaired. Otherwise replacing a new tire is required.

If a repair is possible we fit a tire plug or patch the inner tire surface to seal the puncture.

Plugging or patching a punctured tire is a durable solution for tire repair and will likely last the remaining life of the tire. 

A leaky valve stem replacement is another frequent tire repair. In some cases the rubber seat of the valve stem may corrode or the inner valve leaks air. A simple inexpensive fix is to replace the leaky tire valve stem. 

Corrosion build up on the inner rim is where the tire seals (beads) on the rim. Sometimes, when replacing tires a noticeable rust build up has formed between the rim and tire seal area and needs resurfacing or sanding to properly clean the area where the tire and rim meet. If air is leaking around the tire, cleaning the rim surface should stop the leak.

Competitive Pricing For Tire Service On All Vehicle Types

When it comes to rotation and replacement for your vehicles tires, knowing the time intervals for regular tire rotation will prolong tire replacement and save you money. Get in touch to work out a solution for your tire service or replacement that fits the budget.

We have multiple options and a complete line of tire manufactirers to choose from. Give us a call for tire service price today.

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