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Flat tire repair for your car, truck and SUV.

Do you need a flat tire repair? Can the leak be repaired or does the tire need to be replaced?

Discover the most common flat tire repair problems for a fast easy fix at our garage. 

Flat tire repair means eliminating the dangers associated with a flat tire.

This can be done in numerous ways, but we must first understand how a typical tire degrades and becomes flat to begin with.

A punctured or damaged tire usually starts losing air gradually as opposed to all at once. The tire will show you signs of slow leakage before it finally becomes flat.

This is important to notice if you are not aware of how fast tires can lose air, as the tire could go flat while you are driving. The best way to avoid this is to check your tire's pressure on a regular basis and know which level you should keep them at.

Leave the flat to us and we'll have it fixed in no time

Flat Tire Repair

Below are the most common flat tire repair at our garage. These include a nail, screw, tire puncture, leaking air from the rim or tire valve and sidewall tire damage.

To help determine the extent of your flat tire repair, we'll describe a few of the more common tire problems and the average cost to repair a flat tire.

Where is The Flat Tire Leaking From?

A flat tire leak is caused by many factor and can come from several places, including:

  • the valve stem

  • a tire puncture

  • around the rim

  • sidewall damage

  • steel tire belt

To determine the cause of a flat tire leak, you can uninstall the tire and use a watery soapy substance to splash over the tire and look for air bubbles. If you prefer to have the flat tire repair rather than repair it your self, give us a call and tell us the problem with your flat. We'll do our best to advise you.

Is It Safe To Drive On A Flat Tire?

Road debris and conditions are a tires number one enemy. Hazards such as rocks, nails, screws and other sharp objects on the roadway can puncture or even blow out a tire. If your tire gets a flat, it is important that you refrain from driving on a flat tire.

This will potentially damage the tire beyond repair and require a replacement tire. The quicker you spot a flat and bring the vehicle for inspection the more likely it is for a successful tire repair service to be performed. Driving on a flat for too long can cause irreversible damage.

As the tire deflates, the wheel will come into closer contact with the ground, potentially damaging the tire sidewall and the rim. If this happens, you may need to buy new tires. It is important to understand that repairing a flat is time sensitive.

The sooner you are able to bring a damaged tire in for repair, the more likely it is that the tire can be saved.

Run Flat Tire Repair

Run flat tire repair generally involves a tire replacement. The technology of run flat tires is such that when a puncture, leak or damage to the tire occurs, repairing a run flat is in some cases not advised by the manufacturer. Run-flat tire versus a non-run-flat tire? The general consensus by tire manufacturers and auto makers is a run-flat’s engineering makes them more difficult to mount and remove from the rim.

The jury is still out on whether a run flat tire can be repaired. Checking the owners manual for vehicle specific guidelines on replacing or repairing a run flat is recommended. As an example, Michelin suggests its run-flat tires - Zero Pressure can be repaired but only under certain conditions. BMW on the other hand says repairing a run flat is not an option and replacement is required.

Quick & Affordable Flat Tire Repair For All Vehicles

Not only will you receive top-quality tire maintenance and fast flat tire repair service at our garage, but you can also rest assured that you're getting the best value for your money. 

So, if you're in need of a flat tire repair in a hurry, we always strive to complete the repair in a quick and safe manner to get you back on the road about your day. Contact us for inexpensive flat tire repair.

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