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The type of tire you buy is important for cornering, handling and braking more safely in wet or snowy weather. For optimum tire performance during wet, snow, salt and summer roads ask about the best tire options for your car, truck or SUV.

Car & Minivan Tires

Our tire shop provides a wide selection of tires to suit your car or mini-van. Let us help define a set of car tires for comfort and handling in a variety of sizes. Our car tires, also known as sedan or minivan tires, offer all weather traction and long lasting treadwear.

Truck & SUV Tires

From high performance to heavy duty tires, ask about our selection of truck and SUV tires. SUV and truck tires for a sporty look or off road with great ride quality and noise reduction. Ask our tire shop for the look and purpose of your truck or SUV tires.

Wide Selection Of Tire Brands

Our tire shop has an extensive list of brands to fit your car, truck or SUV tires. For a dependable tire brand, ask us about test results, tire ratings and reviews. Check different ratings for all types of weather including wet, dry and snow conditions and then decide.

Car Truck & SUV Tires For All Seasons

All Season Tires

All season tires and all weather tires are not the same. All weather tires are preferred to all season tires if you drive in any form of winter weather, or even slightly below freezing temperatures. All weather tires have passed the Transport Canada “snow/winter” tire test. Rather than all season tires, they can be left on your vehicle all year long (yup, even winter). All season tires for cars trucks and SUV were designed to handle mild winter conditions, and are not "certified" for winter driving. When temperatures drop, so does their grip.

All Weather Tires

All weather tires for cars trucks and SUV are appropriate for mild winter conditions and light snowfall. All weather tires have also passed snow traction tests for winter performance in extreme situations. Apart from all season tires, all weather tires stay soft and provide traction at temperatures above and below 7 degrees Celsius. This makes all weather tires popular year-round and through Canadian winters. All weather tires don't perform as well as winter tires in hard-packed snow and ice, but they outperform all season tires in winter conditions and are a suitable option to keep installed year-round.

Winter Tires (Snow Tires)

Winter tires for ice, snow, slush, and cold provide greater braking, cornering and traction. Winter tires stays soft and pliable in temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius, as well as aggressive tread to "bite" snow and ice. Winter tires give the most reliable performance and safety while dealing with freezing temperatures and heavy, hard-packed snow. You get improved traction, braking and cornering on snow and ice throughout the life of your winter tire.

Summer Tires (3 Season Tires)

Some refer to these as "all-season" tires, but our tire shop refers to them as "three-season" tires because they work well only in the spring, summer, and fall. In warmer weather, 3-season tires provide dependable braking in both wet and dry conditions, as well as a quiet, pleasant ride and good fuel economy. 3 season tires often contain a tougher rubber compound, which loses grip at 7 degrees Celsius, to provide them a longer tread life. In the winter, the grooves in the tread pattern tend to clog with ice, snow and slush, resulting in a slick surface and lack performance during winter.

Performance Tires (Low Profile)

Performance summer tires will improve the handling and appearance of your vehicle. During the summer, the lower profile and firm sidewall give your car better traction, handling turns and high-speed stability. For drivers who prefer precise handling and ride comfort, performance tires are a wonderful option. They outperform 3 season tires in terms of braking and cornering, but they're not as rigid as ultra-high performance tires making for a more comfortable and fun drive.

All Terrain Tires

For drivers who use their vehicles both on and off road, all terrain tires are a terrific option. All terrain tires have a little more aggressive tread design that digs into rough and sandy terrain and channels water away for excellent off road performance. An added advantage of off road tires is you'll enjoy a smooth, quiet drive with good steering reaction on the road.

Best Priced Winter & All Season Tires For Car Truck & SUV

When it comes to choosing the best winter or all season tires for your car, truck or SUV, get in touch for the various tire options to choose from. We can also help determine whether an all season tire replacement is preferrable over a winter tire set.

We have multiple options and a complete line of tire manufactirers to choose from. Our team is happy to help and provide options for the best all season or winter tires for your vehicle drive type. Give us a call for tire service price today.

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