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Top Rated Toyota Repair & Service

We are proud to be your local Toyota dealer alternative. We understand the importance of finding quality, reliable care for your Toyota and we want to provide you with that service. We can help with everything from an oil change to major repairs on engines or transmissions.

Whether you need a quote for your Toyota repair, an oil change or just have questions, we've got what you're looking for. Contact our Toyota service locations or schedule an appointment online for fast service.

Local Mechanics For Your Toyota

By time your visit is complete, you realize you have discovered the #1 shop to perform repair for your Toyota or any vehicle you drive. Simply stated, our local mechanic shop is home to the best Toyota repair and service delivers.

We service every Toyota model including the Corolla, Matrix, and Camry, to full SUVs such as the RAV4, Four Runner, and Highlander, to mini-vans and pickup trucks like the Sienna and Tundra. Our mechanics take great pleasure in working on Toyota service and stand behind all repairs we perform!

Your decision on a Toyota model vehicle equals a very tested and tried auto maker. Naturally a tested and tried Toyota service and repair follows that decision. For our local customers – that search ends here. Whether it’s your first time to our shop or a long term customer, we deliver only the best in maintenance, service and repair for any Toyota model you drive.

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Toyota All Season, Performance & Winter Tires

Toyota all season tires can be fitted year round. But if you call Ontario home, winter tires will enhance grip in the cold and snow and will perform noticeably better than all season tires for Toyota.

Winter tires for Toyota is becoming more common and we can provide plenty of affordable options of winter tires for Toyota.

Toyota performance tires can be fitted specifically for summer driving. If you've ever driven your Toyota in winter with summer tires - you know what we mean. Find a selection of performance tires for Toyota by visiting our garage or give us a quick call.

Wheel balancing for Toyota is included on all wheels and tires installed on your Toyota model!

Toyota Tire Service Tire rotation for your Toyota should be every 7,500 to 10,000 km. A tire rotation helps from tire wear and tear. Even vehicles equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), should still check tire pressures once a month or every other visit at our Toyota garage.

Toyota tire rotation includes: Front wheels and tires moved to the rear and vice versa. Rotating the tires on your Toyota will distribute tread wear more evenly and enhance vehicle handling.

Toyota Muffler & Exhaust Repair. Replacing the muffler on your Toyota is not common until the vehicle is about five to eight years old. Because it is a component that gets serviced infrequently, there are always chances of problems like leakage and poor performance. Any kind of exhaust problem with your Toyota - hissing, loss of engine power, or loud exhaust noise - ask our mechanics for an affordable solution.

Toyota AC Service. The AC in your Toyota may need a recharge unexpectedly and should definitely be serviced before summer hits. Toyota AC recharge is one of the many services we offer our clients - typically as soon as the snow has melted. To recharge the AC in your Toyota, it's best to schedule ahead for fast service.

Toyota AC Repair. If the air out of the vents is not blowing cold and your AC refrigerant is topped up you want to have your Toyota inspected for an AC leak and repair. A Toyota AC repair is a common request at our service garage. If you have A/C problems, we recommend having the system serviced and inspected before the hot weather.

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Additional Toyota Service Breakdown

Toyota Suspension & Ball Joints. Replacing the ball joints on Toyota vehicles comes usually around the 100k km mark. The ball joints are connected to the suspension and wheel assembly. We've performed many ball joint replacement for Toyota and can get the job done for you without a hitch.

Toyota Tune Up. A Toyota tune up includes a complete inspection, service or replacement of the oxygen sensor, spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor coil, air filter, fuel filter, fuel injectors, wheel bearing, oil change, brake fluid flush to name a few. We provide tune up for Toyota that fit the budget and keep your motor smooth.

Toyota Battery Replacement. When you bring your Toyota for a battery replacement, we inspect the battery life which will help you determine if it needs to be replaced. This is also a recommended service before winter season so you're not left stranded. Schedule your Toyota battery replacement online for fast service.

Toyota Seasonal Tire Changeover. Changing the tires from summer to winter and winter to summer on your Toyota will prolong tire life and enhance road safety. The best time for a Toyota seasonal tire change is late fall and early spring with temperatures around the 7 degree Celsius mark.

Toyota Brake Service. Brakes for Toyota should be inspected with every service. Checking the pads every few months for glazing, cracks and wear that might cause a problem later. Our Toyota brake repair includes inspecting the calipers, brake hoses, axles and drums or rotors. We also check for leaks around the master cylinder and wheel cylinders. We recommend a Toyota brake service every 12 to 24 months - and sooner if you subject your Toyota to harder driving conditions.

Toyota Coolant Flush. A Toyota coolant flush every 40,000 km or every two years is recommended. This will keep your engine running efficiently and prevent corrosion from forming on metal surfaces in the engine.

Toyota Transmission Flush. Older model Toyota's have had their share of transmission problems. It's advisable to flush or change the transmission fluid on your Toyota every 40,000 km or 2 years. Our Toyota transmission flush service includes a complete visual inspection under the hood and vehicle.

Toyota Transmission Repair. Toyota transmission repair involves taking the transmission apart, rebuilding or replacing old components, then reassembling it. There are several components that can fail in a Toyota transmission, which causes it to malfunction. If you're feeling any hesitation in gear shifting schedule a diagnosis.



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