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How To Know If You Need a Suspension Repair?

Your suspension repair has several components that may need replacing.

Some of these include ball joints, shocks, springs and struts, control arm, sway bar and suspension bushings. 

To distinguish which type of suspension repair you require, we'll outline a few common problems to look for. We'll also see what the average suspension repair cost is.

If you need your suspension fixed fast, book your appointment or read on to determine what type of suspension repair your vehicle may need.

Types of Suspension Repair

Do your shocks need to be replaced or is it a ball joint replacement?

Our suspension repair service includes:


Wheel alignment: Your wheels play a big part in your suspension.

For your vehicle to drive straight, your wheels must point straight.

If unaligned tire wear will occur along with the added expense of tire replacement.

Shocks: When shocks wear, you should see all the more bobbing as you drive along the road.

If a bouncing vehicle is the problem your shocks may be leaking fluid.


Struts: If your vehicle's suspension thumps, bring your vehicle in immediately.

If struts fail, your vehicle will be insecure.


Springs: If your vehicle looks uneven on even ground, one of your springs may be lacking in compression. 

You will want to consider changing both sides if this happens.

Ball joints: It is a ball that joins to the suspension and keeps your wheel attached to the vehicle.

An expired ball joint will most likely squeak or squeal over rough roads or while turning.

If a ball-joint breaks your wheel will come off the axle.

Control arm: Control arms attach the wheel to the vehicles frame and connect it to the steering.

More commonly to wear out are the control arm and sway bar bushings and linkages.

An uneven sway from the vehicle or squeaking sound underneath may be a bushing or linkage replacement rather than the entire control arm and sway bar.

Following are a few of the most common suspension repair problems we've seen.

Armed with suspension repair symptoms for your vehicle, you can better understand what type of suspension component needs repair.

When in doubt, don't hesitate to schedule an inspection.

Get The Best Price For Car Truck & SUV Suspension Repair

With so many suspension repair problems that can occur, have one of our mechanics inspect your suspension to pinpoint where the problem is. Many vehicles have a specified timeline for replacement parts such as balljoint, shocks and struts.

Be sure to stop by or give our mechanic shop a call to discuss the various suspension repairs and get you the best price possible.

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