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Our car AC repair process involves a thorough inspection of your vehicle with a check of the AC system including the hoses, compressor, drier and evaporator. The A/C system is then pressure tested to make sure it's leak free. We will also check for any signs of water damage inside the car.

The A/C refrigerant is then recharged using manufacturer-specified recharge equipment. We will also inspect the interior and make sure the vents are properly blowing cold air.

This is done with a combination of dye, UV light and electronic components to help detect any leaks inside your vehicle. The cooling effect that comes from your car A/C system depends on how much refrigerant is in it.

AC Repair & Compressor Replacement

A car air conditioning (A/C) repair includes various components to keep the air blowing cool inside the cabin. In some cases an A/C gas recharge is all that's required. Other times replacing the air conditioning compressor or blower motor is needed. Did the AC stop working or stop blowing cold air? Let's examine a few problems drivers have with their car's A/C and pinpoint the right repair for your vehicle. An air conditioning compressor usually lasts a long time but a replacement or rebuild is sometimes required for older model vehicles. In some cases, the AC blower has stopped working and needs a repair. Or it's possible your vehicles AC gas has depleted and a simple AC recharge will get the air cold again. How to tell which type of repair is required to get your air conditioning working and how much does an AC repair cost?

Car AC Compressor Repair or Replacement?

You might look at the air conditioning compressor as the heart of the air conditioning system in your car. Essentially, the AC compressor performs a similar function to most of the accessories in your vehicle, it pumps circulation of the refrigerant (also known as AC gas, formerly FREON) through the air conditioning system while compressing the air at the same time,

  • AC Compressor Function - An AC compressor pressurizes internal refrigerant fluid for cooling the air that enters the vehicle interior. The compressor functions by using multiple mechanical parts meshed together for the physical refrigerant pressurization. The mechanical aspect of the compressor makes it possible for a mechanic to disassemble and analyze the moving parts for a rebuild.

  • Rebuilding The Compressor - is a more cost effective solution to a replacement. AC compressor rebuild involves removing the internal compressor oil and disassemble the compressor. We inspection replacement parts the before rebuilding and replace any parts that are structurally compromised for preventing compressor leaks. Finally we re-assemble the parts and re-install the compressor to the vehicle.

  • Replacing the compressor - replacing the AC compressor will be more expensive then a rebuild. If the outer compressor core is in durable condition without damage, then a rebuild is a feasible less expensive option. Generally, a warranty comes with a rebuilt compressor. Some drivers however, depending on the vehicle they drive and how long they will keep it prefer spending the extra money for a complete AC compressor replacement.

How to Tell If Your Car AC Needs Repair or Recharge?

Car AC repair provides the luxury you would expect from your vehicle. What comfort would you get out of your vehicle without air conditioning (AC) during the summers? So to keep cool in the summer drives, how does your car AC work and does it need repair or simply a top up of refrigerant?

If your AC has stopped blowing cold but air still blows out of the vents, you may not need to repair your air conditioning unit. Usually, in these cases it's simply a refill of AC gas or refrigerant recharge.

Your vehicle’s AC system keeps your vehicles interior cool while circulating the air. Your car air conditioning system has a multitude of processes from your AC compressor to the refrigerant responsible for cooling the cabin heat. The refrigerant cycles through your AC compressor which is driven by your engine belt. The compressor pumps refrigerant through the system and transforms from a hot gas into a cool liquid.

Affordable AC Repair For All Makes & Models

Are you worried about your car's air conditioning system not performing optimally during the hot summer months? Look no further, as we offer an exceptional car AC repair service that caters to all types of vehicles.

Our team of mechanics possess in-depth knowledge and expertise making us the perfect choice for your car's AC repair needs. You can either give us a call or request an online quote for a fast estimate and repair.

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