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Repairing the exhaust system on your vehicle to pass the smog test for Ontario was an extra hassle an expense to say the least. Thankfully, that's gone.

With any exhaust repair, you may be faced with a difficult decision - should I replace the entire system or only the catalytic converter?  The cost of replacement parts can make it an expensive choice either way.

Exhaust repair includes:

  • Replacing the catalytic converter

  • weld exhaust components.

  • Removing and replacing the entire exhaust system (highly unlikely).

Why pay as much as $1000 to replace the entire exhaust system only to find out that you really needed a $500 catalytic converter? Or better yest a $100 weld? 

We can help you decide what exhaust repair is needed and how much it will cost before any work is done. Find out more about our exhaust repair at affordable prices.

Exhaust System Repair

Our exhaust system repair includes exhaust valve, exhaust pipes, exhaust manifold, exhaust leaks, mufflers and catalytic converters. Schedule service or read on to determine what type of exhaust system repair is required.

Types of Exhaust System Repair

From the exhaust manifold to the muffler tail pipe underneath your vehicle is your exhaust system, which at one part or another may need repair.

Responsible for expelling emissions, keeping sound to a minimum and reducing air pollution, there are many parts of the exhaust system that may need a repair or replacement.

Your exhaust system plays a major role in vehicle performance and efficiency. 

If you suspect your vehicle needs an exhaust repair, the most noticeable sign is excessive noise.

Exhaust noise may come from a small hole or crack in the exhaust system.

A rattling noise when starting, driving or idling the vehicle may be caused by broken exhaust hangers. 

If you feel drowsy while driving, this could be a serious sign of exhaust fumes leaking into the cabin.

Unusual odors are also signs of leaking fumes in and around the vehicle. Visible signs of exhaust system repair include corrosion, rust or cracks.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should seek service sooner than later. 

Maintaining a routine exhaust system service will deter expensive repair and help maintain your exhaust components, including: 

How To Tell If You Need An Exhaust Repair?

Below we'll describe what we've seen at our garage as the most common exhaust problems.

Armed with the most frequent repair symptoms for your exhaust, you can better understand what type of repair you might need.

Easily schedule your exhaust repair online.

Excellent Prices For Exhaust System Repairs On All Vehicles

When it comes to exhaust system repair for your vehicle, finding a trustworthy and reliable mechanic is essential. However, affordability is also a major concern for many car owners. That's why our mechanics offer competitive prices for minor and major exhaust system repairs.

You can expect high-quality work within the budget with an assortment of aftermarket and OEM exhaust parts available. Our mechanics understand unexpected repair costs can be significant and strive to keep our prices reasonable for everyone.

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