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We Fix All Audi Models!

Our Audi service and repair shop offers four key benefits. We provide the best workmanship, the most affordable rates, fast service times and complete customer satisfaction. Why settle for less when it comes to your Audi?

We have been a staple in the community since our opening day as an Audi service and repair shop. We are here for you, whether you need routine maintenance or extensive repairs on any type of model from this luxury car maker. Our certified technicians are always available to assist customers with their Audi repair and manage the unexpected.

Audi Service Garage Near Me

Audi car drivers admire the sound of their engine and exhaust. As a premium section of Volkswagen’s German engineering, Audi falls into one of the top luxury sport vehicles world-wide. If you searched for Audi repair near me contact one of our local shops, we're happy to help.

We will provide timely advise, service and repair for your Audi TT, A4, A5, A8, R8, Quattro or any other of the Audi family models you drive.

Expert Mechanics For Audi Owners

If you’ve decided on purchasing an Audi, like most Audi enthusiasts you probably enjoy the exhilaration of driving the German innovation. Audi equals quality.

With the quality that comes with your vehicle, our Audi service will keep your vehicle purring. We understand Audi repair, service and tuning to give you’re car the edge that you’re use too.

Reliable Audi Repair

Audi owners get the advantage of having all their repairs taken care of by our professional team and friendly customer service.

Of course bringing your Audi to the dealer is always an option. But our customers prefer a reasonable price and a level of service they can rely on from a reputable independent garage. There are literally hundreds of shops that do excellent work on Audi and at our repair shop, you've found one!

Audi Battery Replacement. Inspecting the battery before a replacement is standard service. We suggest bringing your Audi for a battery replacement before winter hits. Book your Audi battery replacement online for fast service.

Audi brake repair includes wheel and brake line inspection, brake caliper rebuilding, brake pad replacement front and rear and brake rotor resurfacing. Although there can be more involved in a brake repair for Audi, these are the most common brake service for Audi models.

Audi tire rotation usually takes about 30 minutes, but there are some instances when the time needed may be longer. Tire rotation for Audi models is generally inspected at every service interval.

Audi coolant flush. Flushing the coolant on your Audi is a very important part of properly maintaining your car. Audi suggests changing the coolant every 2 years, but this should be done sooner if you are experiencing any sort of overheating.

Audi transmission flush is suggested at regular intervals to maintain optimal shifting and prevent costly transmission repairs. Flushing the transmission oil for Audi keeps the moving parts lubricated and cooled while transferring power to the engine.

Audi muffler repair is generally on older models. However, exhaust for Audi can occur on newer models as well. The Audi factory installed original equipment plays a major role in how far the car will travel before a muffler replacement is needed.

Audi AC recharge intervals are recommended at 20,000 km or one year. How long the AC system holds a charge depends on how often it is used. Typically, an ac recharge for Audi vehicles will last one year, but if your Audi AC is recharged more frequently the performance of the system may be improved.

Common Audi suspension replacement includes the following. (1) New Audi OEM suspension (2) 2 Lower control arms (3) A pair of Lower ball joints (4) Front sway bar links (5) 2 Front sway bars (6) 4 Outer tie rods and 4 Inner tie rod ends. Suspension repair for Audi owners should be inspected each year to ensure proper road handling.

Audi tune up is a standard upkeep. A tune up for your Audi owners is a necessary service which helps in maintaining the engine and drive train of your car in perfect working condition.

Audi tires for car truck and SUV models come in an array of selection. Depending on what type of model you have, you can be sure to find a tires specifically for your Audi appropriate for the season.

All season tires for Audi may be installed year round. But if you're interested in better traction control, a set of winter tires for Audi 4 wheel driving is a better option.

All weather tires for Audi owners is also an option for year round performance.

Wheel balancing for Audi wheels is included on all wheels and tires installed on your Audi car, truck and SUV!

Audi Services

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