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London's Choice for Reliable Vehicle Service & Repair

Home to prestigious universities and colleges, including Western University, Fanshawe College, and Huron University College, London, Ontario is also known for it’s proud London Knights hockey and London Majors Baseball teams.

With much to see and do, locals need a mechanic in London, Onatrio they can entrust their vehicle service to. So whether you need to get to London’s Ribfest, Sunfest or the Fanshawe Pioneer Village, our local London mechanic shop promises to deliver great service and great prices for all your vehicles maintenance and repair.

Most London, Ontario drivers prefer their repairs and maintenance handled by qualified, knowledgeable, and professional mechanics. At our London auto repair, you can expect exactly that. Our mechanics are among the best in London. When your vehicle needs professional care, we hope you’ll choose our garage. We're always ready and available to meet your vehicle service requirements!

London Mechanics Committed To Customer Service

Our mission in London is not only auto repair but a “second to none customer service.” A mission that has been rock solid and in place since the beginning.

We believe there is a real need for people to understand how their vehicle operates plus the most appropriate and cost effective fix for any repair required.

We are here for you and any auto repair your vehicle needs in London. We fulfill your service requirements and listen to whatever problem you may be experiencing with your car, truck or SUV - and we deliver. 

Our team is made up of skilled mechanics who all love fixing cars and getting the job done. We enjoy sharing our knowledge around auto repair to keep our London customers fully informed on their automobile.

We're not just another mechanic in London, our vision is a high standard of customer service and quality repair for a returning customer for years to come. The best way to do this is to have the best local mechanics taking care of one of the important things that matter to you – your mode of transportation. We love our work, but we also love sharing our expertise and knowledge of auto repair and service for the community of London to be best informed of their vehicle requirements and operation.

An Experience London Drivers Trust

We take pride in our mechanics. Our automotive team consists of some of the most skilled mechanics in the London area. They’re fast, reliable, and they excel at what they do. Our auto repair shop is qualified, experienced, and bonified!

If you want to get your vehicle back on the road smoothly, call London auto repair shop!

Professional, Clean & Certified:

We know how uncomfortable it can feel to allow a stranger to work on your vehicle. That’s why our London mechanics must pass continuous certifications before they’ll be considered for hire. Additionally, they must be clean, professional in appearance, and friendly in nature. We’ve built a team of good, talented guys and we want to keep it that way. We’ve been offering fast, friendly, and reliable mechanic services in London and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Same Day Mechanic Services

It’s not unusual to wait weeks for a mechanic repair shops availability. Most garages aren’t able to meet their customer’s needs and offer same-day service. But, most of the time, outside our busy seasons, our mechanic shop in London can! Our mechanics can often meet our scheduled customer’s needs easily. When you need an appointment immediately, we’re usually the fastest mechanic shop in London. If you’re dealing with a vehicle emergency, no other mechanic in London, Ontario can beat us for fast response.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

We take pride in our customer satisfaction and we do everything we can to please our customers. We want you to choose our mechanic shop again and again. That’s why we offer customer service at a level that few other London mechanic shops can match. If you want to have a pleasant experience with a plumbing company you can trust, choose our auto repair shop for your London mechanic services!

Mechanic Shop Services In London

BATTERY. Don't let a dead car battery slow you down in London! Our garage offers a quick and efficient replacement service that restores power to your vehicle on the same day. Say goodbye to inconvenience – contact us and let us handle your battery concerns!

ALTERNATOR. Alternator replacement in London has never been easier! Our mechanic shop takes pride in its team of skilled and certified technicians, ready to resolve your alternator issues promptly. Drive with confidence – your vehicle is in the hands of professionals!

STARTER. Engine starter problems in London are no problem at our shop. Our garage is furnished with advanced tools, including sophisticated diagnostic and repair equipment for starters. Whether it's starter motor troubles or preventive care, our London engine starter repair service is adeptly customized to your specifications.

BRAKES. Brake service and repair in London are expertly tackled by our certified brake specialists. Diagnosing issues such as worn brake pads, fluid leaks, brake vibration, sinking brake pedal, or a routine brake fluid flush, we handle it all with care. Our efficient solutions ensure the affected parts are swiftly restored or replaced, leaving your brakes functioning flawlessly.

WARM AC. London's solution to sweltering summer days – our indispensable car AC refill & repair services. Our expert mechanics specialize in high-quality car AC service, ensuring your vehicle's air conditioning operates efficiently. From system recharges to necessary repairs, count on us for a smoothly running AC, offering you a cool and enjoyable drive regardless of the scorching temperatures.

HEATER MOTOR. Car heater repair and inspections in London. Early problem spotting is your shield against sudden financial burdens. Our thorough inspections concentrate on potential issues in your vehicle's heating system, saving you from costly car heater repairs in London.

COOLANT REPLACEMENT. Prioritize your car's health with our coolant flush service in London. We focus on maintaining your vehicle's cooling system, promoting efficient engine operation. With our expert flushing and replenishment, we enhance your car's reliability and overall efficiency, ensuring a worry-free drive in London.

LEAKING COOLANT. Put an end to radiator coolant leaks in London with our prompt and efficient repair services. We expertly locate and fix leaks, ensuring your vehicle's cooling system runs without interruptions. Experience hassle-free driving with our reliable solutions.

SERPENTINE, V-BELT, TIMING BELTS. Engine Belt Care in London! Worn-out belts? No problem! Our efficient engine belt service ensures speedy replacements, maintaining your vehicle's vital components. Whether it's serpentine belts or squealing power steering belts, we inspect and replace them all, preventing further damage and ensuring your car's reliable performance.

TUNE UP. Superior Engine Performance in London! Our Engine Tune Up & Service is tailored for excellence. We fine-tune your engine, ensuring it operates flawlessly. Enjoy enhanced power, reduced vibrations, and a quieter ride. Your journey just got smoother in London!

LEAKING ENGINE OIL. Immediate Oil Leak Assistance in London! When oil leaks occur, time is of the essence. Our skilled professionals offer prompt services, addressing issues from seal replacements to complex system repairs. Drive confidently with our efficient solutions.

STEERING FLUID LEAKS. London's Leading Steering Repair Team! Steering problems are no match for our expert mechanics. With advanced equipment, we resolve power steering leaks swiftly and effectively in London. Your steering will be back to its best with our professional repair services.

STEERING PUMP NOISE. Experience Exceptional Automotive Service in London! Power steering pump replacement or power steering belt replacement, our skilled technicians handle it expertly. At our London location, we prioritize your vehicle's performance, ensuring efficient and accurate replacements.

SHOCKS, STRUTS, BALL JOINTS. London's Smooth Ride Specialists! Struggling with a rough suspension? Not anymore. Our expert team in London offers top-notch suspension, ball joints, shocks, and struts replacement services. Get back to enjoying your journey without any bumps or disturbances on the road.

MUFFLER. London's Leading Muffler and Exhaust Repair Center! Exceptional service comes standard with our experienced mechanics. When you require exhaust or muffler repairs, expect quick and affordable solutions. London residents, we're here to assist you – contact us for hassle-free service!

TRANSMISSION REBUILDS. London's Efficient Transmission Repair Services! Harsh conditions won't slow you down when you choose us. Our London team offers quick transmission repair and service, addressing issues promptly and potentially preventing further damage. Same-day service guarantees your vehicle's reliability.

LEAKING TRANSMISSION FLUID. Expert Transmission Leak Repairs in London! Leaky transmissions? Our London team has the solution. We specialize in sealing transmission systems, ensuring your vehicle operates smoothly. Don't compromise on quality – choose us for reliable transmission repairs!

TRANSMISSION OIL CHANGE. Unleash Your Vehicle's Potential in London! Elevate your driving experience with our transmission fluid flush service. London's best choice for transmission care, we offer comprehensive flushes. Let us enhance your car's performance and longevity, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride.

SLIPPING CLUTCH. Expert Clutch Replacement in London! Ensure your car's seamless operation with our expert clutch replacement service in London. Our professionals guarantee reliability. Drive worry-free, knowing your vehicle is equipped with a dependable clutch, courtesy of our skilled team.

FAULTY POWER LOCKS & WINDOWS. London's Precision Power Locks & Windows Service! Experience expert repair and maintenance for your power car door locks and windows. We specialize in seamless integration, ensuring convenience and safety. Trust us in London for a worry-free driving experience.

WHEEL OFF-CENTRE. Secure and Controlled Driving with Our Wheel Alignment in London! Your safety is our priority in London. With our wheel alignment service, we eliminate tire wear discrepancies and steering issues. Enjoy enhanced stability and control, making your rides safer and more enjoyable.

WHEEL VIBRATION. Wheel Balancing in London! No more vibrations – our London service ensures a smooth ride. Book online or give us a call to balance your wheels, providing you with a hassle-free and comfortable driving experience.

DAMAGED WHEELS. At our Wheel Repair Service in London, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch craftsmanship. Whether your wheels have suffered from scratches, bends, or corrosion, our dedicated team employs industry-leading methods to repair and refinish your wheels. Trust us to provide exceptional results that enhance both the look and performance of your vehicle.

TIRE WEAR & FLATS. At our Tire Rotation & Flat Tire Repair service in London, we prioritize efficiency and quality. Our tire rotation service ensures optimal wear patterns, while our flat tire repairs are handled swiftly and professionally.

NEW TIRES. Explore London's Tire World, where you'll find All Season, Winter, and Performance tires tailored to your vehicle's needs. Our tire experts provide personalized recommendations, ensuring you have the best grip and handling throughout the year.

WINTER/SUMMER TIRE SWAP. At our Seasonal Tire Changeover service in London, we understand the importance of seasonal preparations. Our technicians provide swift and precise tire swaps, ensuring your vehicle's safety and performance.

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Find our mechanic shop near the heart of London, Ontario, at the crossroads of Richmond Street and Oxford Street East. We're conveniently located close to Victoria Park and the Budweiser Gardens, with easy access to Highbury Avenue and Wonderland Road for fast, reliable service!

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