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Power car lock repair is a common problem for older generation models. These locks require service to keep them working at their best and avoid manually locking and unlocking your vehicle.

Repairing faulty power locks on your car can be a fairly simple task and be repaired as fast as 1 hour at our garage. However, attempted DIY repair can be a daunting task if you have never done any type of car lock work before.

But don't worry, we will provide you with fast efficient power lock repair as well as replacement (if necessary parts if required) and ways to prevent future problems from occurring.

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Power Door Lock Repair

Did your car door locks stop working? Is your power lock stuck and won't unlock? The typical problem we fix with a car door lock repair is either the switch or the actuator. 

Car door lock actuator replacement is the motor function of the door lock. When you press the power lock switch, the actuator locks and unlocks the doors.

A vehicle's door lock switch replacement is the command center of your door lock function and sends the signal from the switch to the actuator.

There are really two options with a bad door lock actuator or faulty door lock switch:

  • manually operate the locks

  • replace the door lock actuator

  • replace the door lock switch

There's a cost involved with both door lock replacement parts. But it restores the vehicle convenience you're accustomed to.

So how much does a door lock repair cost? Do you need a new door lock switch or does the actuator need replacing? Power lock repair is common. With a quick inspection at our garage we can advise you whether replacing the car lock actuator or switch will restore your power lock function.


Signs of a Door Lock Actuator Replacement

One way we pinpoint the possible cause of car door locks not working is whether there’s power to the actuator. If power is reaches the actuator, but the power lock doesn’t work, the actuator is likely faulty and needs to be replaced. A quick diagnosis for car door lock repair is whether one door lock is not working versus all locks. Each car door is equipped with an actuator. If only one lock is failing, it is commonly a door lock actuator repair. If none of the locks work, the problem is somewhere else.

A faulty door lock actuator will show a few signs.

Symptoms of a bad door lock actuator:

  • Power door lock not working

  • Power door lock functions erratically

  • Unusual noise with power lock operation

  • Door locking and unlocking is sluggish

Signs of a Door Lock Switch Replacement

Power door lock switch repair means a replacement. When you press the power lock button, current is sent to the door lock actuators to lock or unlock the door(s). Actuators on most vehicles are located inside the door panel. Power door lock switches are a simple design and function. Because of the constant locking and unlocking of your car's doors, the switch may fail and need to be replaced. A failed door lock switch will directly impact the locking and unlocking function of the doors.

A faulty door lock switch usually displays a few signs that suggest a replacement.

Symptoms of a bad door lock switch:

  • Door lock functions intermittently

  • Broken door lock button or rocker

  • Door locks do not function

Competitive Prices For Car Door Lock Repair On All Makes

When it comes to maintaining and repairing your vehicle, finding a trustworthy and reliable mechanic is essential. However, affordability is also a major concern for many car owners. That's why we offer great prices for our services.

Expect high-quality maintenance and repair work without breaking the bank. Our mechanics understand that car maintenance can get expensive, and we strive to keep our prices reasonable so our services are accessible to everyone.

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