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We usually repair power windows on late model vehicles. Car power windows can get stuck, function intermittently or stop working all together. A power window motor replacement will fix the problem. However it could be something much simpler like a blown fuse.

Repairing faulty power windows on your vehicle can be a fairly simple task and be repaired fast at our garage. A DIY fix for a power window that won’t go up or down can be difficult for some. Leave the job to us. We’ll tell you the part that needs to be replaced if any and have your car window(s) functioning as they should.

For our quick power window repair service navigate with the links below or schedule an appointment online.

Power Window Repair

Power window repair include:

  • Power window motor repair

  • Power window switch repair

  • Power window regulator repair

  • A simple fuse replacement

Power Window Motor Replacement

A car window is powered by the power window motor located inside the door frame. Replacing the power window motor means removing the door panel to access the motor. Another common question from drivers - is it possible to repair the motor or is a replacement required? The window motor is responsible for lowering and raising the windows initiated by the power window switch. Many of today's popular cars, trucks, and SUVs have a complete motor and regulator assembly as one unit. Older model vehicles come with a separate motor and regulator. If the window stops working, a power window motor replacement is required.

A few signs of window motor/regulator assembly replacement:

Symptoms of a bad window motor:

  • Several presses of the switch to move the window up or down

  • Window speed is slower or faster than usual

  • Clicking sound when pressing the switch

  • Window slides up or down or is crooked

  • When the window switch is pressed, the window motor runs but the window doesn't move

Power Window Switch Replacement

If the power windows are not working properly, not working at all, or only work from the master switch, you may need to stop by our mechanic shop to inspect or replace the power window switch. If the switch stopped working it could be a simple fuse replacement. Depending on your vehicle, the fuse may be underneath the dash or under the hood. If it's a fuse replacement to get the power window switch working then removing the door panels is not necessary for the repair.

A few signs of power window switch replacement:

Symptoms of a bad window switch:

  • All the windows stopped working

  • Only one window stopped working

  • Only the master switch window works

  • Window works sometimes

Power Window Regulator Replacement

A faulty window regulator or broken cable can cause the window to jam or fall inside the door or appear crooked. If the cable breaks you may experience your power window stopped working. If you hear noises when operating the window, this may also be the regulator. The window may not go up or down all the way or get stuck in the closed position. If the windows are not working properly, the window regulator may need repair or replacement. 

A few signs of a power window regulator problem:

Symptoms of a bad window regulator:

  • Window falls down inside the door

  • Unusual noise when the window moves up or down

  • Window rises slowly, jams or doesn't fully close

  • Window slides up or down or is crooked

  • Window motor runs when pressing the switch but the window doesn't move

Get The Best Price For Car Truck & SUV Power Window Repair

Not only will you receive top-quality maintenance and repair work, but you can also rest assured that you're getting the best value for your money. So, if you're in need of vehicle maintenance or repairs, be sure to contact us for competitive priced car repair.

From car window repair or routine maintenance, we always strive to complete the repair in a quick and safe manner to get our customers back to their busy lifestyles.

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