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A coolant flush will take us about an hour. Schedule an appointment ahead of time to reduce the wait.

We perform a coolant flush on all cars, trucks and SUV's as a routine service. Coolant collects dirt and debris the longer you let it sit in your radiator or engine.

This flush can help remove any of those particles from the system before they become an issue for the engine, cooling system and radiator.

In the process, we also inspect the upper and lower radiator hoses for any cracks or leaks that could lead to failure down the road.

Complete Radiator Coolant Flush

Not sure if you should flush your radiator? See if a radiator flush is necessary, why it matters and how it helps your engines health. Consider our quick coolant flush for drivers on the go!

Is a Radiator Flush Necessary? 

If you take your vehicle for a coolant flush, you might want to know what radiator fluid does and if there is a real need to flush your engine coolant.

What Does Radiator Fluid Do?  

Radiator fluid, also known as engine coolant or antifreeze, keeps your radiator and engine at the right operating temperature. Both inside the vehicles cabin an under the hood. As a vehicles engine runs hot, especially during summers, coolant does just that - cools the engine.

On the flipside, it also acts as an antifreeze keeping your engine and radiator from freezing over in the blistering cold. Without engine coolant, it would not be possible to drive your vehicle.

What's The Purpose of a Radiator Coolant Flush? 

The radiator coolant running through your engine builds up contaminants over time and wears thin. Corrosion from your radiator, rust and other debris is not wanted running through the cooling system.

A coolant flush fixes this problem and our shop can get it done - effectively. We flush the old antifreeze and contaminants and replace the radiator fluid and engine cooling system with fresh clean fluid - free of any debris.

Our coolant flush drains your engine of all antifreeze and then forces several gallons of clean water and cleaning solution through the entire system prior to refilling with new antifreeze.

A radiator flush effectively removes all old fluid that might pollute new antifreeze. The result is your engine runs at its correct operating temperature and your cooling system is well lubricated with new engine coolant.

Some additional benefits to a radiator flush is proper lubrication and prolonged life of your vehicles water pump.

When you visit our garage for a coolant flush, our mechanics will perform a full cooling system inspection to ensure there are no leaks prior to flushing your engine, thus preventing antifreeze leaking and an overheating engine in the future.

How Often Should You Flush Engine Coolant?

There are different opinions on how often you should do a radiator flush. Some suggest every five years, others every three years, or even once every year. The general consensus on a radiator coolant flush is anything less than 20,000 km is not necessary for a radiator flush.

If there are no signs that you need to flush your radiator coolant, consider a flushing the system every 50,000 km or according to the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule.

Best Priced Engine Coolant Flush On All Vehicle Types

Our team of local mechanics have extensive knowledge in repair and maintenance for all makes and models. Following the maintenance guidelines set out by the auto manufacturer ensures your vehicle performance for the long run.

Need a coolant flush for your Honda or GMC? Stop by one of our mechanic service locations or give us a call for a quote!

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