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Is an engine starter repair common?

Yes, the older the vehicle the more likely a starter repair is needed. A diagnosis will lead to one of three possibilities: firstly it could be a faulty starter motor, secondly the starter's contact points may need adjusting or third - it's not your starter that needs a repair.

If your engine doesn't start as expected - whether it is just an issue with starting or some subsequent puzzle as to why your vehicle won't start - diagnosis will point to the right fix.

Does a faulty starter repair mean an engine rebuild is also needed?

No. Quite often you can have a faulty starter repaired and once removed from the vehicle, we can inspect your flywheel in the process.

The majority of today's starters are simple enough to take apart and take about an hour or so to repair.

If your vehicle has become hard to start, and it is a starter repair, it is likely due to water getting into the contact points of the starter motor.

Find out more below or use the links to see our starter motor repair process.

Car Starter Repair or Replacement?

Do you hear a grind when you try and start the vehicle?

Is the vehicle starting intermittent?

How do you know whether you need an engine (car) starter repair versus a battery or alternator?

The difference in symptoms your vehicle will display will be specific to an engine starter problem.

Any trouble starting your car, truck or SUV should go through diagnosis to pinpoint a car starter repair.

Sometimes, when your vehicle fails to start or has trouble starting it could be several issues at play including your alternator, battery, starter or something else.

There are some clear signs of a faulting starter which will narrow down the diagnosis.

If a starter replacement is out of the budget it is possible to have an engine starter repaired.

Lets quickly examine what an engine starter problem looks like and see if a replacement starter is necessary or a rebuild will fix the problem.

When Should a Car Starter Be Replaced?

Car starters are a fairly durable piece of equipment and can last over 100,000 km. 

When it is time to repair a starter you may notice one or more of the following:

  • Intermittent starting of the vehicle

  • Starter cranks slowly

  • Grinding noise on starting

  • Nothing happens you you turn the key (or push start)

In some cases, the first sign of a starter problem is nothing at all. One day the vehicle starts just fine and the next nothing.

Although accompanying grinding sounds may mean the starter is on the way out. And intermittent starting of the vehicle is also a good indication to have your car starter diagnosed. 

Starter Rebuild or Replacement?

Repairing a car starter versus a rebuild or replacement depends on the outer condition of the casing and what what's actually wrong with the starter.

In some repairs, it simply requires contacts and a clean up. A starter repair is a relatively inexpensive fix compared to a rebuild or starter replacement. 

In other repairs, a starter may need to be rebuilt or replaced if the problem is an internal bearing or winding.

Considering the age of your vehicle, how long you plan on keeping it and the condition of the starter, our garage will repair the contacts if that's all that needed. 

Otherwise, we will advise on a refurbished starter or replacement cost.

Engine Starter Problem? Get The Best Priced Repair Today

Don't hesitate to reach out to us to get a quote or schedule a car, truck or SUV starter repair online. Our commitment is to provide you with a great price for engine starter repair and ensure that the process is carried out promptly.

Aside from pricing, it's crucial to take into account the warranty provided by the service center when searching for affordable service. We take pride in our work and give our customers the assurance in all work we perform.

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