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Our process for repairing an engine oil leak begins with diagnosing where the leak is coming from and whether your vehicle has an oil leak to begin with.  Keeping up with regular engine service intervals will spot existing leaks and help avoid costly repairs in the future. 

Preventative maintenance is the key to a smooth running engine. If you experience any of the following, you might want to have your engine inspected for an oil leak repair:

  • A visible engine oil leak is a clear sign of repair. If you notice brown, blackish oil leaking beneath your vehicle or under the hood have an engine oil leak inspection.

  • Engine noise when driving. Many different sounds may present themselves when an engine is low on oil. These sounds range from clunking to rattling noise. The quicker you catch engine noise the better the chances on saving an engine.

  • Check engine light is on. This could mean several things, low engine oil being one of them. A diagnostics check as to why the check engine light has come on will deliver the repair code to fix the problem with your vehicle.

Engine Oil Leak Repair Service

Do you think your engine needs an oil leak repair? Are you certain it's engine oil leaking? If so, a leak could lead to bigger problems such as a engine repair or even a complete engine rebuild. However, if you spot leaking oil early, it can be a potentially easy and inexpensive fix.

The first step to solving an engine oil leak is noticing you have one. Then, repairing the leak ensures your oil remains in the engine and lubricates the internal engine components as designed.

Checking For an Engine Oil Leak

So what should you do if you suspect your car, truck or SUV has an engine oil leak? A few simple things you can do from your driveway to quickly check for a leak is to check the engine oil level:

  • Check your engine oil dipstick - If you suspect an oil leak, the first diagnosis is checking the dipstick and engine oil level. When checking engine oil, the engine should be warm and turned off. Remove the dipstick, wipe it clean, then re-insert it and check that the oil level is between the dipstick markers. The oil should be golden brown. Black or dark engine oil should be changed. If it needs topping up, make sure not to overfill the oil. Overfilling engine oil can actually cause a leak.

  • Check underneath your car for brownish blackish oil spots - Another simple diagnosis of leaking engine oil is checking the ground for oil spots beneath the vehicle. If you notice (fresh) oil spots, check all engine fluids to ensure all oil levels are topped up.

  • Check your oil filler cap under the hood - Another simple diagnosis of leaking engine oil is to pop the hood and have a look around the filler cap where oil is added to the engine. If you notice oil it could be a broken or worn oil filler cap seal.

  • Check for dashboard warning lights - Another visual inspection to check for an oil leak is your dashboard warning lights. Any potential  issues with your vehicle including low engine oil, may illuminate the engine light or oil light. If a warning light comes on, its a good idea to visit us for diagnosing the check engine light for an oil leak and fix the problem.

If a quick inspection determines low engine oil or a engine oil leak, the next step is to determine where the oil is leaking from and the extent of repair to fix the leak?

Should I Repair an Oil Leak?

When clean, engine oil color is a golden brown color, but turns dark brown black when it's time to be changed. If you notice oil under your vehicle, there is probably a leak that needs repair.

The problem won't go away on its own and shouldn't be ignored. Any delay in repairing an engine oil leak may cause extensive damage. A small leak is quicker, easier and less expensive to repair versus an engine rebuild.

Is It Dangerous To Drive With an Oil Leak?

There are no real dangers to driving with leaking engine oil, but running low oil anywhere in your vehicle can cause serious and expensive damage. Always make sure oil levels are topped up.

Get The Best Price For Car Truck & SUV Oil Leak Repair

Our engine oil leak diagnosis and repair stems from comprehensive knowledge and expertise in service and repair for a wide range of vehicle makes and models.

Depend on us to provide dealership standard oil leak repair service while adhering to the recommended maintenance intervals prescribed by the respective automakers.

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