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Quality Kia Service Garage Near Me

Searching for the right Kia mechanic to service your car? Look no further because we offer high quality Kia service with the best quotes for your vehicles repair work. Whether your Kia needs a brake service, tune up or an engine repair, you can get all of this and more with the help of our Kia service shops.

Being one of the most trusted local Kia mechanics, we are dedicated to delivering high standard car care for our clients. We guarantee efficient car repairs at reasonable prices without compromising on quality. Talk to us today about your Kia repair and service. Kia navigation, Bluetooth system, seat heaters, climate control, back up camera and additional vehicle features, is a gratifying experience for Kia drivers everywhere.

Kia Mechanics For Top Service

Our local mechanics are home to the best Kia repair delivers. When you perform regular maintenance as suggested by KIA, you are in essence performing preventative measures and decreasing future repair costs for you Kia model. Our Kia service has three goals in mind, routine maintenance at the best price with exceptional customer service. We understand inspection points for your KIA car, truck or SUV and specialize in keeping your vehicle in peak operating condition all year round. Deciding on a Kia repair shop near me? Talk to our mechanics about the maintenance and repair of your Kia at a low cost.

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Full Service & Repair For Kia Owners

Having your Kia serviced at the dealer is always an option. But our customers prefer a reasonable price and a level of service they can rely on from a reputable independent garage. There are literally hundreds of shops that do excellent work on Kia and at our repair shop, you've found one!

Kia owners get the advantage of having all their repairs taken care of by our professional team and friendly customer service.

Wheel balancing for Kia wheels is included on all wheels and tires installed on your Kia model!

Tires for Kia including winter tires all season tires and all weather tires. Replacing the tires on your Kia is a common service at our garage. Contact us about your specific requirements.

Kia seasonal tire change early spring and early fall. Our seasonal tire change for Kia drivers changes and balances all four tires and wheels. Winter tires are removed from your Kia and replaced with 4 summer or all season tires either on or off the rim and vice versa in the spring.

Tune up for Kia is recommended every 48,000 km or two years depending on your driving habits. Our Kia tune up includes spark plug replacement, distributor cap replacement, spark plug wire set replacement (if needed), air filter replacement and PCV valve.

Brake repair for Kia includes resurfacing your rotors, replacing the brake pads and checking hydraulic components.

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Kia suspension inspection is suggested every 60,000 km. We provide suspension repair for Kia models and have replaced everything from ball joints, shocks and springs to control arms for Kia owners.

Kia AC recharge is recommended at least every year and a half. AC recharge for Kia takes about one hour to complete. If you have a question about Kia AC repair, use our contact form and we will get back to asap.

Kia muffler and exhaust repair involves the replacement of the muffler and exhaust pipe. Rather than replacement, a muffler repair for Kia owners is an option considering the extent of damage.

Kia transmission repair is a time intensive job. The most common transmission repair for Kia are four-speed autos and four-speed manuals.

Kia transmission flush should be changed every  40,000 km. That includes a Kia manual transmission flush at least once a year under normal driving conditions.

Kia coolant flush intervals are recommended at every 48,000 km. Coolant flush for Kia on older models require more frequent coolant changes to keep the anti-corrosion additives in the coolant at optimal levels.

Kia tire rotation should be done every 10,000 km or as needed. Rotating tires on your Kia at the specified interval will even out the wear and provide a longer tire life and smoother ride.

Kia battery replacement. Replacing the battery on your Kia first requires a diagnostic to ensure the battery actually needs replacing. After testing the battery, we offer a complete battery installation for your Kia including mounting, cabling if necessary.



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