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Local Repair Shop For Pontiac

When it's time for a Pontiac repair, the vast majority of people think "auto mechanic" and nothing else. While many do take their cars to a professional auto service shop for repair, we have the know-how to get around your Pontiac and get the job done fast.

Routine Pontiac service by our mechanics include oil change and power steering fluid change to replacing the battery. If you have been thinking about finding a reliable Pontiac repair, talk to our service garage or request a service online in less than a minute.

Expert Pontiac Mechanics At Your Service

With high-performance comes regular maintenance. Our Pontiac service continues to be the best repair choice for any model Pontiac you drive. When you’ve owned a vehicle for a certain length of time, we understand your desire to keep it that way. 

Our repair shop delivers top notch service to Pontiac drivers. When you stop by for service, relying on our certified mechanics is what our customers have come to expect. We are equipped with the latest in diagnostics and repair services to cater to any problem or maintenance your Pontiac requires. The old Pontiac muscle cars – remember those? The dominating power at every traffic light. Our Pontiac service reputation has established itself as the #1 Pontiac auto repair shop. Actually, some of these horse powered machines cruising the roadways have been serviced by our mechanics.

The Pontiac line of vehicles has come to deliver luxury models in addition to their base power models of the past. Although Pontiac discontinued vehicle production in 2010, they continued to produce a vehicle with power and performance until the end. Our local garage is proud to service Pontiac drivers near and far with phenomenal customer service.

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Pontiac Repair Services For All Models

Pontiac transmission oil change are important to maintain the reliability and longevity of your transmission. Flushing transmission fluid for Pontiac uses transmission fluid designed for Pontiac models.

Pontiac coolant change intervals are at 24 months or 38,000 km, whichever comes first. Scheduled ahead of time, flushing the coolant on your Pontiac is a quick process that takes about an hour.

Pontiac tire rotation is a standard service that ensures that the tires on your car wear down equally and last as long as possible. The time for rotating tires on your Pontiac is usually at every service interval.

Pontiac brake repair generally involves machining rotors and replacing pads. Brake repair for Pontiac owners can be assured that we use superior parts and techniques  for your model.

Wheel balancing for Pontiac wheels is included on all wheels and tires installed!

Winter tires for Pontiac owners are the better option to get through the snow and cold temperatures.

All season tires for Pontiac are recommended during spring summer and fall.

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Seasonal tire change over for Pontiac. Our tire change over from winter and summer tires aims at minimizing our customers wait time for service. As it's a busy time of year we suggest booking your Pontiac seasonal tire change online and avoid the rush.

Pontiac Battery Replacement. Frustrating when the Pontiac won't start. We can inspect and replace the battery on your Pontiac quick. Book service online or get in touch with our mechanics to schedule an appointment.

Pontiac tune up is recommended at every 38,000 km and includes changing the oil and filter, replacing the spark plugs, checking the wires, cap and rotor and other replacement parts where needed.

Pontiac suspension repair is not a common service until the vehicle is damaged. However, connecting rod and suspension failure can be a significant issue in suspension repair for Pontiac owners.

Pontiac muffler replacement. Replacing the muffler and exhaust on your Pontiac is not something to think about until over and above the 100,000 km mark. If you drive mainly on the highway, the muffler on your Pontiac may even go a little bit longer.

AC recharge for your Pontiac should be inspected every once a year. We inspect the system's AC refrigerant level with an accurate pressure gauge. We also inspect for Pontiac AC repair components for leaks or damage.



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