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Naturally, during spring and summer months our car AC recharge shop is fully booked up. If you need the AC recharged in your vehicle, It's a good idea to book ahead so we can have you in and out in a hurry. 

We're usually booked solid until late July, but if you need an AC recharge now, request an appointment online in less than a minute.

If your car's air conditioning isn't keeping the car cool then have it serviced! A refrigerant refill is common. 

We are one of the rare shops that not only can recharge your AC, we can also diagnose and repair your A/C system. We're sure to have you cool again in no time.

AC Recharge for Your Car Truck or SUV

An AC gas recharge for your vehicle is a straight forward refill of the refrigerant (Freon).

Your vehicles air conditioning - AC system is equipped with an AC compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator.

Common AC problems we see are recharging of your AC refrigerant and AC compressor repair.

So how can you tell if you need refrigerant recharged or there's another repair problem with the AC unit? And how much does a car AC recharge cost?

Let's explore and see if all you need is car AC refrigerant topped up, an AC repair, or a complete compressor repair. Schedule an AC recharge or read on to determine if refrigerant is all you need.

How to Tell If Your Car AC Needs Refrigerant?

Ever used compressed air to blow something out? Notice how cold that compressed air is? This happens because of the quick expansion of compressed gas. This is how your cars AC system works.

The gas used in your AC is a refrigerant, also known as Freon, is hot gas compressed. Your AC condenser cools this hot gas into liquid which makes its way to the expansion valve.

When Freon travels through the expansion valve it converts to low-pressure gas and cools down very quickly in the evaporator. Here's where your vehicles fan blows over the evaporator and sends cool air out of the vehicles vents.

It such an unpleasant feeling if your driving along a hot summer day and your cars AC air conditioning stops working. Sure it should still blow air, but the air is warm, especially on a hot day.

One thing you want to do at least once a year particularly in spring just before the hot weather hits is check you cars AC refrigerant level and system. Make sure you have enough refrigerant to get you through the season.

If you're planning a road trip outside, double check your AC refrigerant to be sure you stay cool along your journey.

So what's actually required - car AC Recharge or Repair?

  • Car AC recharge - If all your vehicle needs is a top up of refrigerant to get the cold AC air flowing you may experience stale air or warm air or cool air at best if the AC is on full.


  • Car AC repair - if the problem is more serious and requires a car AC repair, you may notice the blower stopped working completely, or you hear strange sounds coming from under the hood - particularly from the AC compressor.

Although we'll attempt to describe the difference between recharging your AC refrigerant on your car, truck or SUV, there's sometimes more to a repair problem than a simple explanation. 

The best solution to an ac not working is to have a complete inspection and ensure there are no leaks before recharging the air conditioning.

Excellent Price For Your Car Truck Or SUV AC Recharge

Whether you drive a luxury vehicle, a sports car, or a family sedan, our car ac recharge service can help you keep your vehicle running cool all summer. For both domestic and foreign automakers, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle the job.

Don't hesitate to give us a call or request an online quote for ac recharge on your specific vehicle type. We're happy to provide the best price possible, complete the job and get you on your way.

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