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6 Reasons Why Your Car AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air

Why is your car ac not blowing cold air? There are 6 common problems that can cause your car ac to not blow cold air and we’ll cover all six in this post.

Usually, on a hot summer day when you need your car ac to work the most is when you experience warm air blowing from the vents. You crank your car ac on blast but it’s not blowing cold air.  So why is your car air conditioning not cold?

Our local mechanics see this a lot every spring and summer season. And some of the more common reasons for your AC not blowing cold air can be a simple fix or a more costly repair. Hopefully your car ac problem is a minor one and can be fixed quickly at a minimum expense. The problem can stem from an ac refrigerant leak to a simple ac recharge to an ac compressor failure.

Whatever the cause of your car ac not blowing cold air, whether it's an ac repair or ac recharge required on your car our local mechanics are here to help. So lets dive in and look at the 6 most common problems for car ac not blowing cold air.

#1. AC Freon / Refrigerant Leak

Freon is the common name people know today which is the refrigerant that cools the air in your vehicle. A vehicles air conditioning unit requires a certain amount of Freon to keep air blowing cold. If there is an ac leak somewhere in the system, it can cause warm or cool air to blow instead.

A car ac leak can stem from a damaged hose, a loose gasket or just a loose connection. To repair a leak, we will test the entire system to determine the source of the leak, replace or repair the faulty part and recharge your car’s ac. Reparing the leak first and then recharging the system should solve your car ac not blowing cold air.

#2. Your AC Needs a Recharge

Over use throughout the seasons, your car air conditioner is likely to use up refrigerant. The usage is slow and sometime unnoticeable. But if your car ac is not blowing cold air as usual, this can mean a simple ac recharge of Freon to restore the cold air your used to. An AC recharge is one of the most common reasons for your car ac not blowing cold air.

#3. Your Blend Air Door is Stuck

As you heat your vehicle, warm air flows inside the engine compartment and eventually into the cabin. When you switch from warm to cool air and turn on your ac, a “blend air door” shuts off the warm air entering the cabin and allows your car ac cold air to blow in.

If this blend air door is stuck, you will continue to feel warm air, even if your car ac is working fine.

Situated deep within your dashboard, we can effectively get your blend air door open and closing again without a replacement.

#4. Car AC Compressor Problem

Without a car AC compressor, air conditioning in your vehicle would be impossible. As the name suggests, your ac compressor compresses the Freon and gets very cold. Air blown across metal filled with cold Freon causes the air to cool quickly.

If your ac compressor is failing, your car ac will not blow cold air. In other circumstances, if your Freon is low, it may cause your compressor to not engage at all and thus no cold air blowing from the vents.

#5. Blocked or Broken Condenser

Your vehicles ac condenser turns Freon gas into liquid. If the condenser is damaged or blocked up with debris the refrigerant flow will be restricted. If the ac condenser is the problem, you will experience your car ac not blowing cold air or even cool air from the air conditioner.

#6. AC Electrical Problems

Electrical problems for a car ac not blowing cold air should not be overlooked. If all other components are in proper working order, there may be an electrical problem causing warm or cool air out of the vents. 

Many of your vehicles ac components including your compressor are electrical. A simple blown fuse can cause your ac to stop blowing cold air.

Getting The Cold Back In Your AC

Across Ontario, where summer time temperatures can reach all time highs, it’s important that your car air conditioning blows cold air all summer long. If you notice your car ac not blowing cold air, select a city and contact our local mechanic to run a diagnostic test on your car ac to pinpoint the problem.

As mentioned, in some cases it could as simple as a blown fuse. If the problem is more serious, our mechanics can diagnose the problem quickly with a cost estimate to get your ac blowing cold again. So if you’ve turned on your car ac and it’s not blowing cold, give us a call or schedule your appointment online. We’ll book you in as soon as possible and have you on your way with the right fix at the best price possible.



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