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Taking Care Of Your Car

Taking care of your car is a good idea considering your investment. For some, their automobile of choice could be a big purchase – sometimes as high as the cost of a house. In any case, ensuring your cars exterior, interior and internal engine and drive train components are in proper working condition provides the safety and comfort all drivers expect.

  • Exterior

There are many components to look after with your automobile. Not just under the hood but also the interior and underneath the vehicle. Most have experienced a ding in the door from careless motorists and keeping the car clean and dent free is desired. Washing the car and polishing the dashboard and tires will keep your vehicle looking pristine no matter the age. Be cautious on the roadway to avoid bumps and nasty potholes and careful in parking lots where dents and dings can occur.

  • Under The Hood

Taking care of your engine is not difficult. There are plenty of gunk removers you can spray on the engine and hose off to keep the exterior motor clean. Checking, topping up or changing your engine oil is required – whether city driving and before long road trips. Making sure your windshield washer fluid and engine coolant reservoir are at the appropriate level will keep your vehicle functioning as it should. If something doesn’t feel as it should with your engine or drivability, have the problem inspected by your local mechanic and tend to it sooner than later. Preventative maintenance and catching problems early saves a lot of money in the long run.

  • Wheels & Tires

Inspecting your cars wheels and tires can be done every time you head out. A visual check on your tires inflation will ensure you don’t drive on a flat. It also optimizes your driving experience and fuel efficiency to name a few. Checking your tire tread for tire replacement every season will maintain road traction whatever the weather.

  • Brakes

If possible, looking through the spokes of your wheels to do a visual on your brakes will let you know the state of your brake discs and pads. A smooth finish with ample brake pad is what you’re looking for. Should you hear a brake squeak, sound or grind, these are pretty clear indications to have your brakes inspected. Your brake pedal spongy or hard feel or sinks to the floor will also give off some clues that a brake repair is imminent.

  • Service Intervals & Tune Up

Typically, a service inspection and tune up every year is a good idea to keep the motor running smoothly. And if you want to be sure your vehicle can handle the upcoming season – winter or summer – a seasonal check up will provide that peace of mind. Every car manufacturer has specified service intervals. You can find this online or your owners manual. These preventative service intervals prevent a breakdown in the future.

In short, a road worthy vehicle that looks great and runs like new is possible when you look after the vehicle entirely. Maintain service records for your own information and better resale value. A car's service history is great for the next owner and puts more money in your pocket at the time of sale.

Thinking about a check up for your car, truck or SUV? Visit one of our auto repair service locations and we’ll perform the required checks to keep you cruising along in happy fashion.



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