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Restoration Kits to Remove Headlight Residue

Restoration kits to remove residue build up on your headlights are widely available on the market today. 3M is one of the more popular kits you can purchase that comes complete with the sandpaper and polish to restore your headlamps.

This is not as quick and simple as the toothpaste and WD40 method but will certainly last longer and produce a cleaner result. You use the sandpaper to remove the oxidation off the plastic lens. Then applying the polish will return your headlamps to a clean and clear lens. This will offer a brighter light while driving in the night.

2K Clear Coat to Restore Headlight Lens

2k clear coat is another method which also requires sanding. Once sanded, rather than polish the lens, you apply clear coat to the plastic. Although there is more effort and time involved, this is a more permanent fix to restoring your headlights back to new. A compressor powered spray gun will work with this method, otherwise the 2k clear coat also comes in a spray can for a DIY fix on your driveway.

If you plan on keeping your vehicle for the next few years, this would be a longer lasting method to clear unwanted headlight film.

Why Is Removing Headlight Film Important?

Aside from better night time vision, the vehicle will look newer. Over time and with the particles and fumes effecting your headlamps, the lens can build a frosty yellowish film and therefore impact visibility. It is a much safer drive removing the yellowed, frosted, or hazed looking film on your headlamps.

This is a simple vehicle maintenance check that should be routinely inspected. Just as you regularly change your engine oil and check your tire pressure, headlamps require maintenance as well.

If your headlight beam is restricted, cleaning up the residue will allow you to see better as well as have other drivers better see you. More than the appearance, it’s a vehicle safety measure and an inexpensive fix.

If country road driving with no over head street lamps is a frequent path traveled, we must also think about deer and other animals that you certainly want to see in the distance and avoid. Often something not considered but definitely can cause serious damage with dim headlights along dark roads. You might be surprised on the number of deer hits that take place. Not all due to foggy headlights, but preventing these types of situations by removing unwanted film on your headlights can help for a safe drive. DIY your headlights with wd40 or toothpaste is a small price to pay to prevent an accident.

I Don't Have Time To Restore My Lights

While some enthusiasts absolutely love DIY projects on their car, truck or SUV, others are just too busy to perform do-it-yourself maintenance on their vehicle.

For the drivers who bring in their vehicle for an oil change or even clean the headlight film is totally fine. There are businesses open to cater to your vehicle maintenance needs, no matter how big or small the job. If time is not a luxury for you and you rather have a professional handle the job, there is a service provider near you to do it. Some options you have are dealerships, car detailing shops, and auto body shops who would be glad to help you out with this service. Although there is a higher cost, you can easily set an appointment and have it done rather quick.

If DIY is not your thing and you’re looking for a more permanent solution to remove yellow headlight film at an inexpensive cost, visit one of our locations near you and we’ll get your headlights shining back to standard!



Quick fix to remove yellow film buildup on headlights with WD40 or toothpaste

Auto Mechanics | Vehicle Faq's | Removing Yellow Film From Headlights

An Easy Way To Remove Unwanted Headlight Film

An easy DIY method to remove yellow headlight film is applying WD40 or toothpaste and wiping it off. Simply take a clean cloth and rub on a layer of toothpaste. Then wipe off the paste film and presto, the yellow film has been removed from your headlights. 

Alternatively, spray some WD40 on the lens and wipe it off with a clean cloth and you have the same effect. Your headlights are restored and clear providing better vision at night. This is not a long term fix, but if you’re planning a road trip or just want to clean up the film for a better appearance and visibility, this is a quick fix that will get the job done at a next to nothing cost.

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