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When Should You Balance Your Wheels?

It may come as a surprise that when purchasing or installing new wheels and / or tires, they are not perfect in weight, and therefore should be balanced with each tire install. In some cases, lining up the lightest part of a tire to the heaviest part of the wheel is in essence a wheel balance. 

Over the course of time and use a tire and wheel may eventually become imbalanced. The slightest imbalance in your wheel assembly will be felt as you drive at certain speeds on the highway or even 60km an hour down the street. Our wheel balancing service will bring the balance to specifications which in turn will deter any wheel shake or vibration.

Wheel Balancing Services

Our mechanics utilize a computerized wheel balance to spot differences in weight with your rim and tire. The machines we use to balance your wheels are finely tuned to counter the shake they may present itself as you drive along the road. This shake might be experienced in the seat of your vehicle or steering wheel. If you notice a vibration while you drive, then a wheel balance should be inspected. For a smooth drive it is important to ensure the distribution of weight around the wheel is properly maintained.

Our garage is equipped with state of the art wheel balancing machines that pinpoint any discrepancy with precision. Our team of mechanics will remove your wheel from your vehicle and mount it on our wheel balancing machine for a wheel spin. Based on the feedback the machine reads, we will add wheel weights in specific spots around the wheel to counter the imbalance. This will relieve vibrations as your vehicle rides more smoothly. With your tires and wheels balanced, you will experience more control, less vibration and keep your tire tread lasting longer.



Below are the most likely causes if you feel a vibration when driving

Auto Mechanics | Vehicle Faq's | Vibration When Driving

Why Do I Feel a Vibration When I Drive?

There are a number of instances that can affect your tire and wheel assembly. Frustrating as it is for drivers, if you experience a vibration in your vehicle, or perhaps your tires squeal, or your vehicle pulls to one direction, then it is quite possible that one or more of your tires and wheels need balancing.

For a vehicle to be free of vibration, there should be no difference in weight distribution with your wheel assembly and tire. If just slightly off a vibration may be felt as you drive on the regular roadway and / or highway. This vibration while driving can be felt in the seat and steering wheel of your vehicle. If you feel a vibration in your brake pedal, this indicates a brake repair problem. In extreme cases you may experience your car pulling to one side as you drive.

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