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How can you tell if you need a transmission rebuild versus a transmission repair or even a simple transmission fluid flush?

What's involved in rebuilding the transmission for your vehicle and how much does it cost?

Is it worth rebuilding the transmission or should it be replaced?

These and many other questions come to mind when thinking or needing a transmission rebuild.

To help assess the problem, we'll look at a few common signs that potentially mean a transmission rebuild.

The choice of whether a transmission rebuild is really worth the money for your vehicle is another big decision.

Let's consider a few factors for a transmission rebuild, a used transmission or a new vehicle altogether.

What Is a Transmission Rebuild?

A transmission rebuild is an expensive repair.

A proper diagnosis is important to determine if rebuilding the transmission is necessary or another repair will get the transmission functioning as it should.

In short a transmission rebuild involves:

  • Removing the transmission from your vehicle and taking it apart

  • Thoroughly cleaning the transmission internally with heavy duty parts cleaner

  • Replacing all worn and faulty transmission parts including seals and gaskets with new parts

  • All necessary electrical components repaired or replaced

  • Updates to your specific vehicles transmission parts and technology may be include for transmission performance and longevity

  • Transmission re-installation following the rebuild

Is a Transmission Rebuild Better Than a Used Transmission?

Rebuilt Transmission vs Used

The decision to install a used transmission versus a rebuilt transmission considers the age, use and warranty of the used transmission.

You never really know how the used transmission was "driven" and when that used transmission will eventually need a rebuild?

Effectively an overhaul is a transmission rebuild. Replacing everything old and worn to fresh new parts.

The transmission casing is generally the only original remaining part of a transmission rebuild. Assuming the transmission casing is in good condition, all internal parts that perform the function of your transmission will be replaced and overhauled with new parts.

The cost of a transmission rebuild varies versus a used transmission replacement. However, when you rebuild the transmission you can be sure the internal parts have been replaced rather then installing a used transmission that may begin to fail.

Ultimately it depends on the vehicle owners preference, budget and how much longer you will own the vehicle.

Is a Transmission Rebuild Worth It?

If you experience a problem with the transmission and it is caught early, it may be possible for a transmission repair versus a complete overhaul.

To avoid a transmission rebuild, a regular maintenance schedule including transmission fluid flush should be performed to keep all internal parts properly lubricated throughout the life of your transmission.

If transmission parts need replacement and can be easily accessed without removing the transmission from the vehicle - this would be a major saving to the cost of a full transmission rebuild.

To best consider your options for a transmission rebuild or repair, a thorough inspection should be performed before deciding on rebuilding a transmission.

Best Price For Car Truck & SUV Transmission Rebuild

With todays modern vehicles, a transmission rebuild is unlikely. However, the older the vehicle gets the more of a chance your transmission may fail and require service. If that's the case, there are plenty of available options to rebuild your transmission varying in price. 

Let us know your vehicle year and type plus the problem transmission problem you're having and we can guide you in the right direction within your budget.

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