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* Please be advised during our busy seasons beginning April 1st and October 1st, service is by appointment only. Thank you for your understanding!

Complete Transmission Service on Westney Rd in Ajax

Our transmission repair shop on Westney Road South in Ajax is across the street from Hilton Garden Inn Ajax and the Keg Steakhouse. We are located in the southwestern part of the city near the intersection of Westney Road South and Bayly Street West. We're about 4 kilometers west of the Ajax GO Station, about 3 kilometers south of the Durham Centre shopping mall, and within a few kilometers of Ajax's Rotary and Waterfront Park.

Our Ajax transmission shop location provides relatively quick access to Highway 401, as well as Harwood Avenue and Kingston Road West. This can make it easier to commute to other parts of Ajax or nearby cities once we’ve completed your transmission service.


Ajax Transmission Repair Shop

Vehicle: Mazda CX5 2015 

Service: Transmission Repair 

Location: Ajax, Ontario

Problem: A customer brought their Mazda SUV to our mechanic shop in Ajax, reporting issues with the transmission. The vehicle was experiencing slipping, shifting delays, and strange noises, which were affecting its performance and drivability.

Solution: Our experienced mechanic team conducted a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of the transmission to identify the root cause of the problem. We discovered that the transmission fluid was contaminated and had caused damage to some internal components of the transmission.

We recommended a transmission repair service, which involved removing the transmission, disassembling it, and replacing the damaged components with new ones. We also flushed the transmission fluid and installed a new filter.

Once the repair was complete, we conducted a thorough road test to ensure that the vehicle was shifting smoothly and operating correctly.

Cost Estimate: The cost of the transmission repair service in Ajax was broken down as follows:

Transmission Repair: $1,500.00 

Transmission Fluid Flush and Filter Replacement: $250.00

Labor: $400.00

Total Cost: $2,150.00

The transmission repair service provided in Ajax resulted in a safe and reliable solution for the customer's Mazda SUV. They were pleased with the prompt and efficient service, the quality of the repair work, and the competitive pricing. We also provided them with maintenance tips to ensure the longevity of their transmission.


We Offer Full Service Transmission Repair in Ajax Including:

  • Transmission oil change / transmission flush

  • Transmission oil leak repair

  • Transmission rebuilds

  • Transmission replacement


Ajax Transmission Repair Symptoms

There are several symptoms that could indicate that you need a transmission repair. One of the most common signs is difficulty shifting gears. This could manifest as a delay in shifting or a grinding noise when you shift gears.

Another sign that your transmission may need repair is slipping gears. This happens when your car's transmission slips out of gear while you're driving. You may notice that your car is struggling to accelerate or that the engine is revving but the car isn't moving forward as quickly as it should.

Another symptom of transmission trouble is leaking fluid. If you see a red or brown fluid under your car, it could be a sign that your transmission is leaking. You may also notice a burning smell coming from your car, which could indicate that the transmission fluid is overheating.

If you experience any of these symptoms, it's important to have your transmission checked at our shop in Ajax as soon as possible. Delaying transmission repairs can lead to more serious and costly problems down the line.


Transmission Leak Repair in Ajax

Transmission oil leaks can be a common problem for many car owners in Ajax, and if not addressed promptly, they can lead to serious issues with the transmission system. Here are a few steps we take at our transmission shop in Ajax to repair a transmission oil leak:

  • Identify the source of the leak: The first step in fixing a transmission oil leak is to identify where the leak is coming from. We do this by checking for oil stains on the transmission case or nearby components.

  • Determine the severity of the leak: Once we have identified the source of the leak, we determine how serious it is. A minor leak may only require a simple repair such as replacing a gasket or seal, while a more severe leak may require a complete transmission overhaul or disassembling the transmission to access a broken seal.

  • Replace the damaged parts: If the leak is caused by a damaged gasket or seal, we replace the damaged part. This may involve removing the transmission from the vehicle and replacing the damaged gasket or seal.

  • Clean the transmission: Before installing the new gasket or seal, we thoroughly clean the transmission and surrounding components. This will ensure that the new gasket or seal will seal properly and prevent any further leaks.

  • Refill the transmission fluid: Once the new gasket or seal is installed and the transmission is reinstalled in the vehicle, we refill the transmission fluid to the proper level and use the correct type of fluid called for your vehicle.

It is important to address a transmission oil leak as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the transmission system. If you are not comfortable with performing the repair yourself, it is best to take your vehicle to our qualified transmission specialists in Ajax for the repair.


Transmission Fluid Change & Flush in Ajax

Transmission fluid change and transmission flush are two different services that involve replacing the transmission fluid in your vehicle. Both services can help maintain your vehicle's transmission and prevent potential issues down the road.

A transmission fluid change involves draining the old fluid from the transmission pan and replacing it with new fluid. This process typically replaces about 50% to 60% of the fluid in the transmission. It's a relatively quick and straightforward process that can be performed at regular intervals to help ensure the transmission is running smoothly.

On the other hand, a transmission flush is a more thorough process that replaces all of the fluid in the transmission. During a transmission flush, a machine is used to pump new fluid into the transmission while simultaneously draining the old fluid. This process is more involved and takes longer than a fluid change, but it can be beneficial for older vehicles with built-up deposits in the transmission.

The benefits of a transmission fluid change include:

  • Maintaining proper lubrication: Fresh transmission fluid helps ensure that the gears and other moving parts in the transmission are properly lubricated, which can prevent damage and wear.

  • Improving shifting performance: Over time, transmission fluid can become contaminated and lose its ability to lubricate and protect the transmission. A fluid change can improve the shifting performance of the transmission.

  • Preventing overheating: Dirty or degraded transmission fluid can cause the transmission to overheat, which can lead to damage and potentially costly repairs. Regular fluid changes can help prevent overheating.

The benefits of a transmission flush include:

  • Removing contaminants: A flush can help remove built-up contaminants in the transmission, such as metal shavings or other debris, that can cause damage to the transmission.

  • Extending the life of the transmission: By removing contaminants and replacing all of the fluid, a flush can help extend the life of the transmission.

  • Improving performance: A flush can improve the shifting performance of the transmission, which can result in a smoother driving experience.

In general, a transmission fluid change is a more routine maintenance item that should be performed at regular intervals, while a flush is a more in-depth service that may be recommended for older vehicles or those with transmission issues.

Your vehicle's owner's manual or a trusted transmission flush in Ajax can provide guidance on the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle's transmission.


Transmission Rebuild & Replacement in Ajax

Transmission rebuilds and replacements are two options that vehicle owners can consider when faced with transmission problems in Ajax. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the better option depends on the specific circumstances of the vehicle and the owner's needs and preferences.

A transmission rebuild involves disassembling the transmission, inspecting all the parts, and replacing any worn or damaged parts. The transmission is then reassembled and tested to ensure it functions properly. This option is typically less expensive than a complete transmission replacement, and it can often extend the life of the transmission.

The advantage of a transmission rebuild is that it can often be done more quickly than a complete replacement. It also allows the owner to keep the same transmission that came with the vehicle, which can be important for those who value originality or want to maintain the vehicle's historical value.

On the other hand, a transmission replacement involves completely removing the old transmission and installing a new one. This option is typically more expensive than a rebuild, but it provides the owner with a new transmission that is likely to last longer than a rebuilt one.

The advantage of a transmission replacement is that it can provide a more reliable and long-lasting solution, especially if the old transmission was severely damaged or had a significant number of worn or damaged parts.

Additionally, a replacement transmission may come with a warranty, providing added peace of mind for the owner.

Ultimately, the decision to rebuild or replace a transmission at our shop in Ajax depends on the specific circumstances of the vehicle and the owner's needs and preferences.

A transmission rebuild may be a good option for those on a tight budget or those who value originality or historical value. 

A transmission replacement may be a better option for those who prioritize reliability and long-term performance. Talk with our garage today to determine which option is best for your vehicle.



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