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When a vehicles power steering leaks, you're left with an expensive repair bill that could have been avoided if it was taken care of early on.

Avoid this costly expense by taking care of any small leakages as soon as they happen.

Power steering leaks require immediate attention.

Operating your vehicle with low steering fluid will cause damage to other components such as the power steering pump - a much more expensive fix than repairing a leaking hose.

The best solution to stop a power steering leak is to have the power steering system's components diagnosed and fixed or replaced where necessary.

First, we'll inspect the entire power steering system for leaks from the steering pump, reservoir, hose, line, to a seal and O-ring.

We will identify the source of the leakage and advise you on the most cost effective repair for your power steering leak.

Learn about our power steering leak repair process or use the quick links to jump to the section you need.

Power Steering Leak Repair Service

Power steering is a part of your vehicle's handling and suspension. Because of the red color fluid, a power steering leak can sometimes be mistaken for a transmission leak.

Is there a whining or grinding sound when your turn the wheels? Does the belt have a high pitch squeal?

When the power steering leaks fluid, you will notice some signs and the vehicle will become difficult to steer.

A power steering fluid leak repair will restore your vehicle's handling and bring the power back in your steering.

So, how much does a steering leak cost to fix? And how can you know for certain it's the power steering leaking? Great questions from drivers, let's explore.

Checking For a Power Steering Fluid Leak

In addition to some tell tale signs that your power steering has a leak, there are a few checks you can perform to see if there's a leak in the steering system. 

Red fluid leaking underneath the car and a continuous topping up of your power steering fluid are two common visuals to look for. 

So where should you start to see if your car, truck or SUV is leaking power steering fluid?

  • Check your power steering pump reservoir - Located on the front or side of the engine, along with the vehicles other accessories such as the AC and water pump is your power steering pump. The pump is driven by a belt with a reservoir fill tank at the top. On most vehicles, when you open the cap, you should find a dipstick with indicators displaying the available fluid in the pump. If the pumps power steering fluid is low, fill it to the maximum dipstick level and monitor for leaks.

  • Check underneath the vehicle for power steering fluid - A quick inspection underneath the engine area to notice red power steering fluid leaking on the ground will give you a good indication if a leak is present. Unlike dark brown to black oil from an engine oil leak, the power steering fluid will be dark reddish to brown and likely fresh. If you notice reddish fluid it may be a steering fluid leak or transmission fluid.

  • Listen to your power steering - Start your engine and let it warm up for a minute. Then, turn the wheel from left to right and right to left. Notice any stress or whining sound as you turn the wheel. A well functioning power steering pump with fluid topped up and without a leak should not make any sound when you turn the wheels either side.

  • Check the power steering feel - There should be no effort required as you turn your steering wheel. To add to any sounds when your turn the wheels you should be able to turn the steering with a couple of fingers. If the steering has become difficult, this may be a sign of low power steering fluid or a leak.

If the power steering reservoir is low on fluid, you notice reddish fluid on the ground or hear steering noise and it's harder than usual to turn the wheel, chances are there a power steering problem or a leak in the steering system.

We're happy to perform a complete inspection of your steering system. Request an appointment for service today.

Affordable Power Steering Leak Repair For All Vehicles

Red fluid leaking underneath your vehicle is not a pretty sight. Receive top-quality power steering leak repair work for any vehicle you drive. On top of quality work, rest assured that you're getting the best value for your money at our local garage. 

So, if you need to correct a power steering leak, be sure to reach out to our mechanics for a great price to fix that leak.

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