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Noisy Brakes - Screech, Scraping or Brake Grind

An initial symptom common to bad brake discs / rotors is brake noise. Warped or worn rotors may cause squealing or squeaking sounds. Warped rotors typically produce a squeal and pedal vibration, while badly worn rotors will cause a scraping / grinding sound.

Vibrations from Your Brakes

A noticeable vibration or pulsating when you apply the brake pedal is likely a warped rotor. If this happens, have your brakes inspected as soon as possible. The earlier you catch a vibration in your brake pedal the more likely a resurfacing of your rotor will fix the problem rather then replacement.

Groove Marks on the Rotor

If your rims allow, visually inspect your rotors. A common symptom of bad discs/ rotors is visible groove marks on your brake disc. Brake disc grooves impede your vehicles braking power and friction is minimized. Brake disc grooves may cause a vibration and pulsation that can be felt in the pedal.

Brake Disc Replacement Cost

Brake disc replacement cost will vary depending on your vehicle.

It is also dependent on whether your brake rotors can be machined (resurfaced) or require a replacement.

For an accurate brake disc and rotor repair estimate, the best solution is to bring your vehicle in for inspection.

Alternatively, tell us your vehicle type and the experience you're having with your brakes and we'll provide the most accurate quote possible.

In general, on average across all makes and models:

The approximate brake rotor and brake drum resurfacing costs $50 - $60 per side.

The approximate brake discs or drums replacement costs $150 - $700 per side.

Again, these prices vary depending on the brand of brake disc replacement you prefer or whether your discs can be resurfaced to function properly.

We check the thickness and measurement of your brake rotors to determine whether a resurfacing will do the job or a replacement is necessary.

A Final Note About Servicing Brake Rotors


It is not a good idea to replace only the damaged side.

Both sides should be replaced / resurfaced at the same time.

Machining one side of your brake rotors will have varying brake pad friction and be less effective in braking power - you want both sides equal.



3 signs to machine and resurface brake rotors

Auto Mechanics | Vehicle Faq's | 3 Signs To Resurface Brake Rotors

3 Signs Your Brake Rotors Need Resurfacing or Replacement

Do you need a brake rotor replacement or can your rotors be resurfaced? What will I notice if my brake rotors need repair? Below we'll describe what our mechanics have experienced as the most common brake disc and rotor repair problems.

Knowing what to look for when your brake discs need a resurface or replacement will better pinpoint the right fix. We aim at simplifying the decision for a brake rotor replacement or resurfacing accordingly and keep you in the know. When in doubt with your brakes, contact our mechanics with any questions you have.

Here's 3 Tell-Tale Signs You Should Have Your Brake Discs Resurfaced or Replaced:

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