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The general recommendation to flush or change your transmission fluid is every 100,000 km. Booking a transmission fluid change is easy at our garage. Changing the transmission fluid is not difficult, but it is better left to professionals.

Transmission fluid is the lifeblood of your automatic transmission.

It works to clean, cool, lubricate and make hydraulic pressure within your transmission by using gears, clutches and valves. 

Over time this fluid breaks down, which can make starting a cold engine difficult or even cause problems in very old transmissions by preventing them from shifting.

Do you need a transmission flush or fluid change? Will flushing or replacing your transmission oil help your gears shift smoother? Is flushing or changing transmission oil worth it?

Is a Transmission Fluid Change Necessary? 

All engine fluids flowing throughout your engine are critical for the operation of your vehicle. Transmission fluid is no different and should be changed the longer you own your vehicle. Keeping track of your transmission fluid level and whether or not you should change the fluid or flush the transmission is no debate. Yes, a transmission flush or fluid change is necessary. The time for a transmission oil change frequency varies depending on vehicle type and use.

When To Change Transmission Fluid?

Depending on the automaker, an automatic transmission fluid change is generally every 100,000 km. Ford recommends transmission oil to be changed at 150,000 km. Some of our customers feel that is too long and change their transmission oil at an interval of 50,000 km.

A manual transmission fluid change on the other hand requires a different type of transmission fluid which is more of a conventional gear oil and also runs on a different maintenance schedule. When in doubt have a look at your owners manual for the recommended transmission fluid change intervals or give us a call for some help.

Transmission Fluid Change vs Fluid Flush

A transmission fluid change, as suggested, is a process that drains and replaces most of the old transmission fluid in one go. While the fluid is drained a new transmission filter is also replaced. Changing your transmission oil will remove and replace the majority of buildup within your transmission system. However, a fluid change does not completely remove all the old fluid, as some oil traces have not effectively been "flushed out".

Simply replacing old transmission fluid will certainly result in smoother shifting, but small traces of old fluid will still remain and be mixed in with the new fluid.

A transmission fluid flush completely removes all old fluid and replaces it with new. Auto manufacturers recommend a complete transmission fluid flush approximately every 100,000 km. This of course depends on your vehicle type, your driving style and conditions where you drive.

Our full transmission fluid flush effectively pumps out all old oil from the transmission system. Once flushed, we add fresh new fluid resulting in a much more efficient and smooth running transmission.

The verdict: Keeping your transmission oil in fresh condition whether through a transmission oil change or transmission fluid flush will ensure your system delivers optimal performance and helps deter costly transmission repairs in future.

A transmission fluid change is less expensive but restores your system to good working order. A transmission fluid flush costs slightly more, but will replace all contaminated fluid built up in the system. As both methods get the job done, the choice of fluid flush or fluid change is the vehicle owners preference.

Excellent Price For Car Truck & SUV Transmission Flush

Whether you drive a luxury vehicle, a sports car, or a family sedan, a transmission oil change for all makes and models will certainly help you keep your transmission running smoothly. Our transmission specialists will perfom your transmission fluid change for both domestic and foriegn vehicles. 

We use the latest tools and technology to ensure that your transmission flush is properly performed in a quick manner so you can get back on the road smoothly.

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