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A timing belt replacement is the process of replacing a worn or broken timing belt on a vehicle. This can be done on either an automatic or manual vehicle and the work will vary on which vehicle is being serviced. 

Timing belts are designed to keep the rotational timing of engine components in sync. This is required so that the pistons and crankshaft continue turning at a regular rate with minimal stalling or damage.

Most modern cars have a timing belt which is an essential component built into your vehicle for optimum performance and fuel economy. The most common automakers who fit timing belts are Audi, BMW, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota.

Find out more below about possible warning signs that a timing belt needs to be changed or use use the links to skip to a certain section.

Replace Your Timing Belt?

Timing belt replacement is a critical engine belt we replace at our shop. There are really no tell-tale signs you need to replace your timing belt. To assist drivers in determining when a timing belt should be replaced, we'll describe a few of the common change  intervals recommended by the manufacturer. Then, we'll touch on the average timing belt replacement cost by the most popular vehicles. Schedule an timing belt replacement below or read on and see when you should have it replaced.

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Time For A Timing Belt? Get The Best Priced Replacement Today

We have extensive knowledge and expertise in timing belt replacements for a wide range of vehicle makes and models. Our timing belt replacement will ensure you don't get stuck with a snapped timing belt.

Timing belts can be a tricky repair. That's why you can rely on us to provide dealership standard timing belt service. Contact us and let us know your vehicle type and kilometers for a free quote.

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