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About Shocks & Struts Repair

Your shocks and struts manage your vehicles weight. Your springs keep control of the bounce of your vehicle when running over those bumps on the road and your struts tie everything together.

If you feel a difference in your vehicle when driving over bumps or around corners, or you suddenly hear a strange suspension noise that wasn't there before, you might want to consider a shock or strut inspection at our garage for replacement.

Shocks and struts are important suspension components that dampen spring oscillations and wheel hop in the rear. They also prevent nose-dive when braking or accelerating.

As an integral part of strut suspensions, their role is to locate the wheel relative to the body, and prevent lateral movement in corners by resisting side-load forces.

When shocks or struts wear out, they lose their ability to dampen oscillations and the vehicle will begin to bounce - even over small bumps at low speed.

Worn struts can cause nose dive when braking, which leads to loss of vehicle control.

Use our quick links to find out more about signs of worn shocks or struts.

Do Your Shocks & Struts Need Repair?

When considering a shock or strut replacement, it's best to determine if that is the actual problem with your suspension.

Shock absorbers, as the name suggests, absorb the shock from bumps and holes in the road providing a smooth and stable ride. Shocks also absorb the energy in your vehicles springs keeping it from excessive bouncing.

Struts and shock absorbers don't particularly require a maintenance schedule. However over time, they may need replacement.

They do wear and fail and the time frame for a shock or strut replacement will vary mainly on the road conditions you drive on.

Like many other suspension components, shock and strut replacement is a common repair at our garage.

How Many Shocks & Struts Need Replacing?

A common question from customers is "do I need to replace both shock absorbers or struts if only one is bad?"

And the short answer is no.

However, if one shock or strut has become worn the other will probably need replacement soon.

Depending on the age of your vehicle, changing only one shock or strut may create an uneven ride or bounce while you drive.

If you'd like to keep both sides of your suspension firm, consider replacing both front struts and shocks or both rear shocks and struts.

  • Replacing one shock or strut: If you don't plan on owning your vehicle for a long period of time, the most cost effective solution for shock and strut repair is to replace only one.

  • Replacing both shocks or struts: If ride comfort and even suspension grip on the road is important to you, replacing both front shocks and struts or both rear shocks and struts is also a cost effective option versus replacing all four. This will create the comfortable ride you're used to while saving on not replacing all four shocks and struts.

  • Replacing all four shocks or struts: Should you replace all four struts/shock absorbers at the same time? Again, it's not necessary unless all four need to be replaced. If your car, truck or SUV has four old shock absorbers and inexpensive to replace and you prefer a smooth an even ride replace all four shocks and/or struts.

When To Replace Shocks & Struts

Look out for these signs suggesting your vehicle needs shocks or struts replaced:

  • Instability at highway speeds

  • Vehicle “tips” to one during turns

  • The front end dives during hard braking

  • Vehicle bouncing excessively

  • Unusual tire wear

  • Leaking shock or strut fluid

Reliable & Affordable Shocks & Struts Repair For All Vehicles

Not only will you receive top-quality maintenance and repair work, but you can also rest assured that you're getting the best value for your money. So, if you're in need of vehicle maintenance or repairs, be sure to contact us for competitive priced brake rotor repair.

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