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The time needed to change a serpentine belt will depend on the type of vehicle. The typical time for changing a serpentine belt is about 30-40 minutes, though this may vary depending on which vehicle you are working with.

As an example, removing the serpentine belt from a 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit is slightly more time consuming. The belt is running behind the timing cover and has to be removed in order to get access to the water pump, which is also part of this removal procedure.

See more about a serpentine belt replacement for your vehicle type below.

Replace Your Serpentine Belt?

Serpentine belt replacement is one of the more common engine belts we replace at our shop. To assist drivers in determining if they need their serpentine belt replaced, we'll describe a few of the more common symptoms you might be experiencing. And finally, we'll touch on the average serpentine belt replacement cost by the most popular vehicles across all models. Schedule an engine belt or hose replacement below or read on and see if your serpentine belt needs replacement.

Excellent Price For Serpentine Belt Replacement On All Makes

Whether you drive a 2-door sports car, or a 4-door family sedan, our mechanics replace serpentine beltsfor  all makes and models. We have both the knowledge and expertise for a fast and efficient serpentine belt replacement on both foreign and domestic models. 

Additionally, we inspect all other belts and hoses under the hood while your vehicle is in the shop. This way you can drive off assured knowing everything is in proper working order.

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