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With many parts that make up a vehicles cooling system, our radiator repair service checks all angles of your car's heating and cooling system.  Our mechanic shop can fix a radiator leak quick and also inspect various components to ensure your cooling system is in tact, including:

  • Radiator flush

  • Coolant level check

  • Coolant pressure test

  • Radiator leak inspection

  • Thermostat replacement

  • Radiator hose inspection

  • Water pump and belt inspection

  • Cooling fan and thermostat inspection

Car Radiator Repair & Recore

How can you know for certain you need a radiator repair and how much does it cost? If my radiator does need a repair, should I replace it or have a radiator recore? These are the right questions we often get from our customers. Before we dive into the best option for a radiator repair, lets first try and determine if the problem is the rad itself, or perhaps something smaller like a simple hose replacement.

The most common repair for a vehicles cooling system we fix is a radiator leak. If you notice engine coolant leaking on the ground near the front nose of the car, it's likely a radiator leak or hose problem. Other problem parts disguised as a radiator leak is a the water pump. If antifreeze is leaking within the vehicle interior, it's likely the heater core.

Let's look at some of the signs for a radiator repair and whether a radiator recore will solve the problem or a replacement is needed. Schedule an inspection or read on to determine the best radiator fix.

Is It The Car Radiator Leaking?

There are two main radiator leaks, 

  • your engines radiator underneath the hood and 

  • your heater core (mini radiator inside the vehicle)

A puddle of coolant inside the vehicle is extremely hazardous. And likewise, outside the vehicle can be harmful to children, pets and yourself. A radiator leak anywhere from the vehicle should have a mechanic look at it and determine the scope of the problem and best repair option. Once a radiator leak has been identified, the next step is if it can be repaired through a radiator recore or a replacement radiator is necessary.

Radiator Recore or Replacement?

When a radiator repair presents itself, there are two options available for customers, radiator replacement or a radiator recore (repair).

  • Radiator recore or repair - a radiator recore replaces the inner tubing and hose connection outlets and inlets while keeping the outer core original

  • Radiator replacement - a radiator replacement means completely replacing the old radiator for a new one

Factors that determine a radiator recore versus replacement:

Rusted or corroded radiator - Radiator core material is aluminum and very common for rust to develop over time. Metal flakes and minor rusting on the outside of your radiator can likely have a recore. The rust on the exterior radiator only becomes a problem if it affects the core. On the flipside, Interior rusting and radiator corrosion should be replaced. To avoid or prolong radiator corrosion, it's best to keep your coolant fresh with regular radiator flush intervals. Floating debris in the coolant is a sign of interior rust. Coolant sludge is also a sign of radiator replacement.

Leaking radiator - A radiator leak, also common can result from clogged tubes and debris. As the radiator position is at the front of the vehicle, it is in harms way of rocks or road debris which can cause a hole and leak. To determine the leak size means flushing out the antifreeze. Small punctures can be repaired with a radiator recore. Large or multiple leak points will require a radiator replacement.

Clogged radiator - A radiator can clog on the exterior and interior tubing. This creates an airflow problem. To fix this we apply water and air to blow out the debris. A clogged radiator will need inspection to the degree of debris build up and whether it can be recored or replaced.

Competitive Pricing For Radiator Repair On All Vehicles

Choosing between a radiator replacement or recore will make the difference in dollars and cents. Our mechanics will diagnose the best option for your radiator repair depending on the vehicle you drive. Flushing the coolant and testing for any further leaks is standard with our radiator repair or recore option.

Contact us about your radiator repair today.

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