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The expense of a muffler repair or replacement is different from vehicle to vehicle and whether you're looking for a performance muffler, aftermarket or manufacturer muffler replacement.

If it's a muffler repair then tools, time and welding factor into the price.

Most muffler shops charge a diagnostic fee for determining the cause of the problem with your muffler.

This is especially true if it's something unusual, such as a hole in the muffler caused by a piece of gravel hitting your car at high speed on the highway. 

It might seem strange that there would be a cost to find out what the problem is, but an unfamiliar or unusual noise could be caused by anything from a loose tin can lodged somewhere in the tailpipe to a collapsed catalytic converter.

Check out our muffler repair and replacement process and use the links for quick reference.

Muffler Repair Or Exhaust Pipe?

Your cars muffler and exhaust not only produces the hum from your vehicles engine but also limits pollution to a minimum.

Part of our routine inspections when you bring your vehicle in is your muffler and exhaust system.

A cracked muffler or leak in the exhaust will cause a loss in vehicle performance and consume more fuel. 

We offer maintenance and inspection along with tips so you can determine the best time to replace your muffler or exhaust and keep your vehicle performing to spec.

Knowing how your muffler works and what to look out for replacement you will know when it's time for a repair.

There are a number of parts that make up your exhaust system that can cause a problem. Here's some related links to muffler repair at our shop.

Muffler Repair vs Replacement

Muffler repair is also known as muffler straightening or muffler shaping. It involves welding the inside of the existing muffler shell to reshape its end, which includes portions that are damaged.

During this process, any dents in the metal are removed and it's re-welded so that there are no sharp edges or weak spots. The muffler is refinished and painted to look like new again.

Talk to us about a low cost muffler repair for your car, truck or SUV.

Replacing your car's entire muffler system may cost $300 or more. If you get your vehicle's entire muffler system replaced, keep in mind that this is a major repair and it may require removing other parts near the muffler to access and remove the pipe running from the engine to the back of the vehicle.

Another option: Instead of replacing or repairing the  entire muffler system, you may only need to replace the muffler itself.

When Should You Replace Your Muffler?

A common question from our customers is how do I know if I need a new muffler?

A mufflers two main purposes is to control sound and pollution.

It also affects the overall performance of your engine. Usually, most drivers will experience signs of muffler repair before bringing their vehicle in for a replacement.

Any problems with your car’s muffler and exhaust system can significantly reduce engine efficiency causing engine problems and lead to costly repairs. 

This can be avoided through regular muffler inspection intervals.

Muffler Trouble? Get The Best Priced Repair Today

When it comes to muffler replacement and repair, finding a dependable mechanic is important. However, affordability is also a major concern for many car owners. That's why our mechanics offer competitive prices for both muffler repair or complete replacement.

Contact our garage for a great price on a muffler repair for your car, truck or SUV today!

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