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The heating system is a closed loop; fresh water from the radiator cools off an electric pump and it gets sent through your heater core to be heated up before being sent out through your vents. This means if you have bad flow in this system, there is no way for the water to get hot enough to heat your car or in some cases, they can't get heated at all.

Our heater core repair process involves taking out your interior heater core box, removing the old heater core and installing the new one.

We know that this can be a tough job because it requires taking apart most of the front end of your car to get to the inside of the heater box. But our process is quick and efficient so you don't have to worry about being without your heat during the cold season.

Heater Core Repair & Replacement

An undeniable sign of heater core replacement is fogged windows and the sweet smell of antifreeze inside the vehicle. Heater core problems happen rarely, but they do happen. Usually with older model vehicles and is will leak antifreeze inside the vehicle when it needs repair. A heater core problem is tough to miss and can be a very sticky situation as you drive.

Usually a heater core will need replacement because of the age of the heater core itself. Flushing and replacing your coolant at regular intervals can help prevent or prolong a heater core repair. As with most engine parts, rust, particles, dirt and depleted anti-corrosion ingredients in the antifreeze will eventually cause damage to the heater core. So if you're having problems with your car, truck or SUV heating, how can you tell if the heater core needs replacing or if the problem is the heater motor? And how much does a heater core replacement cost?

Let's address those questions and narrow down a fix for your heater core. Schedule a heater core replacement or read on to determine if that's the problem.

Can a Heater Core Be Repaired or Needs Replacing?

Typically, deep underneath your dashboard and firewall, lives your car's heater core. If a heater core has gone bad, it may be possible to repair but highly likely needs a replacement. In either case, a heater core repair requires removing the inner dashboard of your vehicle to access and is a complex and intense job.

As such, when we replace a heater core it's also a good idea to replace the heater hoses attached to it. A future problem with heater hoses will create similar problems to that of a heater core replacement and we want to ensure the job is only done once.

As part of the replacement job, certain vehicles will need to have the air conditioning system recharged

Once we've inspected and diagnosed a heater core repair problem, we will advise whether this is required as a part of the heater core job for your vehicle.

Is a Heater Core Replacement Necessary?

If time or money is something you can't spend at the moment, another option for heater core repair is to disconnect the heater hoses connected to the heater core. This will save on a replacement cost but the labor involved would make a replacement worth it. Plus, bypassing the heater core will leave you without heat or a defroster.

For these reasons, fixing a heater core once and for all is the most cost effective solution if you plan on keeping the vehicle for a while.

Heater Core Function

A heater core is part of the cooling system. Engine coolant circulates through the engine and passes through the heater core which provides the heat inside the cabin. As you use your car heater, the blower fan sends warm air from the vents heating the interior and defrosting your windshield. When your vehicle's heating is functioning properly, you're in control of the heat. However, when a heater core problem develops, control is lost and there are very noticeable signs we'll describe below that suggest it is indeed a heater core replacement to gain back control and heating in your car, truck or SUV.

Best Price For Car Truck & SUV Heater Core Repair

Depending on your vehicle type, heater core repair can become timely and costly. Coosing a mechanic that can provide affordability is also a major concern for car owners. That's why our mechanics offer competitive prices for all heater core repairs on all makes and models.

Contact our mechanics today to get a fair estimate on a heater core repair for your vehicle!

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