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Exhaust leak repair is not uncommon in motor vehicles. Exhaust leaks are often caused by defective gaskets, damaged pipes, or rivets that have come loose.

It is important to check the entire system for leaks because a leak in one section can lead to more leaks in another section of the exhaust system. The process of using welding to seal exhaust leaks is one of the most effective methods available because it provides a permanent repair.

An exhaust leak repair involves the following steps:

  • The exhaust system from the engine to the tailpipe(s) is checked for leaks.

  • If a leak is found, it will be repaired by either repairing or replacing gaskets as needed. In some cases, an entire section of piping will need to be replaced because it can not be fixed.

  • A potential weld to repair an exhaust leak.

Our exhaust leak repair process can take as little as an hour. The third step listed above involves using a welding process to permanently seal the leak.

Exhaust Leak Repair

Exhaust leak repair keeps toxic exhaust fumes from entering the vehicle cabin. Exhaust leaks can be undetectable by scent but if you suspect you have one it should priority number one.

The last thing wanted for you and your passengers is poisonous gas entering your vehicle. You might not smell an exhaust leak but if you notice a change in your vehicles performance book an exhaust leak inspection today.

What Is An Exhaust Leak?

An exhaust leak is a hole in your exhaust system, muffler, pipe, manifold or another way for exhaust fumes to leak into the interior of your vehicle rather than exit the exhaust pipe at the rear. Numerous toxins created in your engines combustion and exhaust system can harm occupants in the vehicle before the fumes get a chance to escape the interior.

Exhaust leaks can also increase fuel consumption and decrease performance. If an exhaust leak is present, your exhaust may be louder than usual and cause further damage to your catalytic converter.

Where Does Exhaust Leak From?

Although an exhaust leak can happen anywhere in the exhaust system, a few common spots include:

  • Exhaust valve: Internal engine parts pushing exhaust fumes from the combustion chamber to the exhaust manifold.

  • Exhaust manifold: Exhaust fumes from the piston to the catalytic converter.

  • Catalytic converter: Converts some toxins to carbon dioxide (CO2) and water for cleaner emissions.

  • Exhaust pipe: Sending cleaner exhaust fumes to the muffler.

  • Muffler: Reducing combustion noise and pollution.

  • Tailpipe: Exhaust fumes exit the vehicle.

Can I Drive With An Exhaust Leak?

Considering the toxic situation, driving with an exhaust leak is not safe - especially being in a contained space such as inside your vehicle. Not to mention, carbon monoxide is a silent killer and will greatly impair driving ability and pose serious health risks.

If you notice any warning signs that suggest an exhaust leak repair schedule a visit with our local mechanic and we will diagnose whether an exhaust leak is present with an affordable fix so you can drive clean.

What Does An Exhaust Leak Sound Like?

An exhaust leak usually has a distinct ticking or pinging sound. This ticking or pinging can especially be heard on hard acceleration or cold weather driving. In addition, you may experience your vehicle lacking in power, acceleration and performance.

Our mechanic can diagnose your complete exhaust and determine whether you need an exhaust leak repair, other exhaust problems or muffler service.

Best Priced Exhaust Leak Repair For All Vehicle Types

Our team of local mechanics have extensive knowledge for exhaust leak repair on all makes and models. Following the maintenance guidelines set out by the auto manufacturer ensures your vehicle performance for the long run.

Our mechanics stay on top of the latest technology in vehicles today with advanced tools to diagnose the source of your exhaust leak problem for any vehicle you drive. Stop by one of our mechanic service locations or give us a call for a quote!

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