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Our car repair takes care of a range of services from loss of engine power, engine knocking / pinging, high fuel consumption, engine tune-up and diagnostics.

So what's the difference between a car repair and service? And do drivers really need to service their vehicle or just wait until a repair is needed?

The main purpose of routine vehicle service is to avoid costly car repair down the road. Scheduled maintenance always costs less than an unplanned for car repair.

So how can you save on car repair by performing scheduled maintenance on your vehicle? Knowing the difference between regular maintenance and a vehicle repair is key to reducing repair costs. 

To help you diagnose a car repair problem, we'll describe a few of the more common repairs and service we perform.

Select a service below or read on to determine what type of car repair or service you require.

Car Repair vs Vehicle Service

Any type of car repair is an expense. But so is car service. However, vehicle maintenance on your car, truck, pick-up or SUV will save money over the long term for unnecessary or premature car repairs. With regular vehicle maintenance you will reduce car repair bills in the future.

Types of Car Repair & Vehicle Maintenance

Maintenance services we perform to keep car repair costs to a minimum.

  • Car AC service vs AC repair - Keeping your ac gas recharged not only keeps the cabin cool but also lubricates the AC compressor and seals. An AC refill costs roughly $150 - $300 vs an AC compressor repair which could exceed $1,000.

  • Oil service vs oil leak repair - By bringing you car in for an oil change allows for an inspection beneath the vehicle for any leaks suspension and exhaust which are out of sight. Deteriorated oil does a poor job lubricating the internal parts and could cause oil leaks. An oil change costs on average of $50 vs an oil leak repair of $300 or more.

  • Brake service vs brake repair - From replacing the brake fluid to the brake pads helps enormously reduce brake repair costs. Keeping the hydraulic fluid in your braking system clean with regular brake fluid change prevents leaks and keeps the proper braking pressure to stop the vehicle. A simple brake pad replacement will save big bucks versus replacing calipers and rotors.

  • Tire service vs tire replacement - A regular tire rotation will avoid the expense of replacing a tire before its time. A flat tire repaired early before sidewall or other damage occurs means the difference between $20 for a tire plug and $200 for a new tire.

  • Seasonal tire change - The difference in tire traction control in the snow with a set of winter tires is undeniable. Plus, every kilometer driven on a winter tire prolongs summer tire life and vice versa. There are many benefits to having seasonal tires changed on your vehicle - cost saving is one of them.

  • Belt & hose service vs replacement - Since your engine belts and hoses keep your motors accessories in motion, including the AC, battery, and power steering, we think every driver would agree, it's much better to inspect your belts and hoses to ensure they are in tact then lose all engine power or fluid from a broken belt or burst hose. Timing belt inspection is a big one. Although it's a more expensive repair than a serpentine belt or power steering belt, changing your timing belt before it breaks will save thousands of dollars in a new engine replacement.

  • Battery service vs battery replacement - Keeping up with your car battery will ensure the battery has enough charge to get you through the season. Making sure battery fluids are full and battery terminals are kept clean and free of corrosion will extend battery life and prolong the cost of a battery replacement. As you maintain the battery, other charging system components should be inspected for wear as well including the alternator.

  • Suspension service vs suspension repair - With a multitude of replacement parts that make up a vehicle's suspension, including steering, ball joints, shocks, struts, CV axle, boots and the like. Ensuring regular lube and suspension checks will reduce suspension replacement part costs.

  • Transmission service vs transmission repair -  Transmission repair costs can run into the thousands should a transmission rebuild be necessary. Just as your engine oil, transmission oil should never be neglected and inspected often for a fluid change or top up. Repairing a transmission oil leak could save the cost of a new transmission. 

These, and more are just a few areas of concern when it comes to car repair. Whether you think you need a repair or it's time for vehicle maintenance, give us a call for a quote or schedule a car repair today!

Affordable Car Repair For All Vehicle Types

Not only will you receive top-quality maintenance and repair work, but you can also rest assured that you're getting the best value for your money. So, if you're in need of vehicle maintenance or repairs, be sure to contact us for competitive priced car repair.

From tune ups to oil change to a seasonal tire swap, we always strive to complete the repair in a quick and safe manner to get our customers back to their busy lifestyles.

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