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A brake fluid leak can stem from many different components. A hole in one of pipes going from ABS pump to rear brakes can rust very quickly! Even a slow brake fluid leak may be felt in a low brake pedal.

The first step is to check all connections and brake lines. Other areas a brake leak may present itself is in the master cylinder, wheel cylinders, and calipers.

How long does it take to fix a brake fluid leak?

The length of time to repair a brake fluid leak can take as little as an hour up to a few hours labor. A DIY fix may prove difficult and impossible without the proper tools.

Check out our brake fluid leak repair process or use the links below.

Brake Fluid Leak Repair Service

How can you tell if your vehicle is leaking brake fluid? And how much does a brake leak cost to repair? Valid questions from our customers regarding their brakes.

Leaking fluid can be from the power steering, transmission an engine oil. Noticing the color of fluid can distinguish a brake fluid leak. To better diagnose where the leak is coming from, we'll explore the common signs of leaking brakes and a potential fix at a reasonable price.

Checking For a Brake Fluid Leak

Is your brake pedal soft or sink to the floor?

Did you notice a fluid leaking on the driveway?

So how can you check if your car, truck or SUV is leaking brake fluid?

When your vehicle leaks brake fluid, it typically leaves oil that can range from a clear to light golden to a dark brown. 

If you suspect your brakes are leaking, here's a few checks you can perform:

  • Check your brake fluid reservoir - When checking the brake fluid reservoir, have a look at the minimum and maximum fluid level. The fluid should be golden brown at its darkest. Debris or dark brake fluid should be changed. If it needs topping up, make sure not to overfill the brake fluid.

  • Check underneath the vehicle for a brake leak - Another simple diagnosis of leaking brake fluid is checking the ground for oil spots beneath the vehicle. If you notice oil spots different to red transmission oil or dark engine oil, it may be a brake fluid leak.

  • Check your master cylinder - The master cylinder is a robust part of the brakes but can need replacing after a few years. In some cases there will be a visible leak from the master cylinder under the hood where the brake fluid reservoir is positioned. Other times, a master cylinder will leak internally. If the pedal sinks to the floor and your brake pads have enough material, it could be  a brake leak somewhere in the master cylinder, brake lines, wheel cylinder or calipers.

  • Check your calipers or rear drums - If it's possible to get a visual between your wheel spokes and see the caliper, notice any visible fluid on or around the brake caliper and inner wheel. The spot where your wheels are parked is also a good place to look for leaking brake fluid. If the vehicle is equipped with drum brakes you might have a leak in the wheel cylinders. This one is tough to spot without removing the wheel. 

If a quick inspection determines low brake fluid or leak, the next step is to determine where your brakes are leaking and the right fix.

Where is Brake Fluid Leaking From?

With so many brake components to inspect, some hidden from view while others can be seen, leave diagnosing a brake fluid leak to our team.

Common repairs we perform involving leaking brakes include:

  • Brake booster leak

  • Brake caliper leak

  • Wheel cylinder leak

  • Master cylinder leak

  • Brake line leak

Brake lines run throughout your vehicle from the master cylinder under the hood on the driver side firewall and beneath your vehicle to the brake components along the way and inside each wheel.

Brake lines are built durable to withstand weather and road conditions. As seasons change over time they become subject to rust, cracks and corrosion.

Brake lines along with every other component should be inspected for fluid leaks or damage during routine vehicle maintenance.

Brake Fluid Leak? Get The Best Priced Repair For Your Vehicle

A factor to consider when looking for competitively priced brake leak repair service is the warranty offered by the repair shop. A reputable shop will stand behind their work and offer a warranty on their repairs, giving you peace of mind that your brakes will be in good working order for the long haul.

Our shop has a solid reputation for quality work and customer service which is a good indicator that you'll receive the same level of service when it comes to your brake leak repair and service.

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