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Warning Indicator Light On Dashboard

Most vehicles today come equipped with a dashboard warning light with either ‘ALT’ or ‘GEN’ or a battery icon. If this dashboard light pops up, it could be the first indication of an alternator problem.

Dim / Flickering Headlights

Dim or flickering headlights could be a symptom of alternator failure. Headlights may brighten as RPMs increase and dim as RPMs decrease. This is a very good sign the alternator is not charging the battery.

Dead Battery / No Start

When you attempt to start your engine and hear nothing or ticking over sound, this is a dead battery. This could be the result of a failing alternator or battery replacement.

Strange Alternator Sounds / Smells

Strange sounds can be many things. However, if the sounds come with other alternator symptoms, this could be an indication of alternator failure. A strange smell could be the alternator overheating from working too hard.

Electrical Accessories Failing

If your alternator needs replacement, your vehicles accessories may often fail. Such as your power windows, locks, horn, radio, lights, heater, ac. If intermittent it is likely an alternator going bad.

Car Stalling / Difficulty Starting

A car struggling to start or stalling may be the result of the alternator not generating a charge to the battery. Although stalling can be many issues, it's also indicative of insufficient charge from the alternator.

Alternator Replacement Cost

An alternator repair cost will vary depending on whether you have an alternator rebuild or alternator replacement.

It is a much more cost effective to have your alternator rebuilt.

The casing of the alternator is simply the shell. It is the internal brushes and electrical structure that produces a charge from your alternator to your battery.

Therefore, unless the shell is cracked or damaged, an alternator rebuild is feasible and will do the job.

If your alternator is not charging your battery, a full inspection should be performed.


The cost of an alternator repair should start with a diagnosis to rule out any other charging system components, such as the battery, cables and engine starter.

The typical charge for diagnosing your vehicles alternator is $55 - $85.

If your alternator is failing to produce a charge, we can provide options for a rebuild or repair.

When it comes to inspection, it's important to ensure other parts are in working order.

You don't want to replace an alternator that is in proper working condition.

We diagnose to make sure your alternator is the problem before a repair, replacement or rebuild.

For an accurate alternator repair estimate for your specific vehicle type, request a free quote.

Here are some estimates to diagnose an alternator problem at our garage:

Alternator Repair Summary

Without a working alternator your car will eventually run out of power and you'll end up stranded, but before it gets to that stage the battery light (and other warning lights) might flash on the dash.

Watch for the symptoms above to help pinpoint an alternator problem

Find out more about our alternator repair service and locations.

All The Best & Safe Driving!



Warning signs your alternator is failing

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Signs For An Alternator Repair

Is it time for an alternator repair? If you're having trouble starting your vehicle and wonder whether it's your battery, alternator or something else, check out these signs that suggest your alternator needs repair.

Here's a few signs your alternator should be inspected:

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